September Art: Sketch Exchange

Nature & garden art was my dominant inspiration this month, no surprise there. I’m trying to work a little larger, by using a double-page spread as a singular canvas. This frog is an example. As shown above, it measures 16 x 14 inches. For me, that’s working fairly large. (You can click on any of these photos, btw, to see the images larger.)

I’ve been experimenting even more with acrylic paints, which don’t seem to bleed through Moleskine paper like watercolor or marker wash. I still like to keep to “mixed media” tho, as I like the freedom of being able to add colored pencils, marker, glitter, nail polish, etc. I enjoyed the playfulness of drawing potato “eyes” & the Moby Dick Pepper Sauce to go with the photo of whale bones that Andrea gave me as our “collaboration assignment. Fun stuff!

I never tire of this sketchbook exchange thing. It’s such a kick to make art with no rules, experiment in someone else’s book, and then cast it off in the mail to the next artist. It’s so fluid, so forgiving, so fulfilling. I can love what I do or hate it — either way, it’s gone. Except for the photos, which prove it existed. Process without permanency. Uh oh, I wonder what that says about me as a person? I’ll try not to think about that too much, HA!

Instead, I’ll think about caterpillars. I was really into Monarch caterpillars last month, but this month, I’ve seen mostly other kinds. This fuzzy fellow was eating beans right from my picking bucket (see where he chewed?)! He was gorgeous & tickled as he crawled along my hand. If anyone knows what he will become, let me know. My best guess is a tiger moth of some kind? I didn’t have the heart to keep him, as I understand many moths pupate in fall but don’t hatch until the following spring. I wonder if this guy likes to eat sweaters? Not worth the risk, so I let him go :-)


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10 Responses to “September Art: Sketch Exchange”

  1. organicsyes Says:

    Beautiful creations…fuzzy caterpiller…love!

  2. Jul Says:

    Love the garlic! That’s one veggie I haven’t gotten around to painting yet. Maybe I’ll see if any bulbs catch my eye at the market today.

  3. peggy fussell Says:

    These are marvelous Henniemavis! I miss swapping sketchbooks with you! Let’s do it again sometime. Nice caterpillar.

  4. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks, all!
    @Jul: Yes, do consider garlic at the market… but watch out, cuz the flirty potatoes may wink to get your attention ;-)

  5. mary taitt Says:

    I love your art. I like the way the potato at the bottom of one ties it to the other drawing–I didn’t notice that on the Moleskine site.

    That caterpillar really made a dent in the beans!! I’m glad you let him go! :-D

    It would be fun to see him emerge.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I know it, I would love to see what that caterpillar becomes! But oh well, I guess I can’t watch everything in nature. Some of it will have to remain a mystery, darn it!

  6. mary taitt Says:

    You have SUCH a COOL opportunity there to see lots of things!!! :-D

    It would be so fun to see what it became, though!!!!

  7. Sandy Coleman Says:

    I love how you have made such lovely art out of everyday things. And I enjoy hearing about your process.

  8. Vicki Says:

    Love, love, love the frog and the larger size afforded by a two page spread!


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