Sarah’s Weekword: Begin

Sarah gave us the word “begin” this week, so I had begun a post… but couldn’t seem to finish. I often use the saying “Once begun, half done” to give myself a kick in the butt. Half done is sometimes as far as I get, oops. I need a creative game that’s called Weekendword, as it seems I never have time to play it during the week.

This is a preliminary fax of a creative project I began last week. I accepted a volunteer project to do something new to me: draw a map! Our local nature center has many hiking trails, but visitors often have trouble finding where the trails begin. My assignment is to draw a map orienting hikers from the parking areas to the trailheads.

The map isn’t finished yet, but I have a good start. I went to GoogleMaps for aerial views of the property, then went to the nature center itself & walked to the trailheads while sketching landmarks (apple trees, stonewalls, etc). Took photos, too, for reference back in my office. When complete, the map will feature color-coordinated trail lines & be placed in the main outdoor kiosk. I hope it will effectively prevent folks from getting lost.

I wish I had a good trail map for some other aspects of my life right now. I have been thinking a lot about how to begin again. I have found myself on certain trails that have gotten difficult, trails that may be leading me to places I don’t want to be. I don’t know if I should be backtracking to look for a better path, or forging ahead through the dense, dark thicket?

I don’t have a map, but am trying to make one. I am trying to remember what I think of in meditation, when my mind wanders… to just notice the drift, then recollect myself & begin again. If everything is impermanent, then being lost is impermanent, thank goodness for that. I will find my way again if I’m looking… so I’m looking at nursing school, with a bent toward physical therapy or art therapy? Maybe. I haven’t been “in school” for more than 20 years. Hmm… “once begun, half done?”

For more takes on the word “begin”, or to see next week’s word, go to Sarah’s post & click on the weblinks of other participants on her list.


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4 Responses to “Sarah’s Weekword: Begin”

  1. S.E.Minegar Says:

    I like your idea of a “life trail map.” Mine would be marked up will all kinds of alternate routes (and picnic areas) I suppose. Great drawing above. I have never been good at making maps to scale. Best wishes on in your possible new beginnings!

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! I laughed aloud about picnic areas. Mine too, definitely!

      Your comment just reminded me that I once applied for a job as an art director at Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS-HQ), by submitting a “trail map” as my resume. The start was my education, it progressed thru related job experience & ended with an interview & offer from EMS as the “peak” of my career. They loved it, hence I did get an interview & an offer! It was the most fun I ever had doing a resume. I had forgotten it until now. Thanks for triggering that memory, especially now as I consider a new career :-)

  2. peggy fussell Says:

    I love your map beginning!! I can’t wait to see the final.

    And… yes I know how you feel about life and its many winding paths. As you know, I am constantly drawing myself a map lately. And now I find I am about to embark on a new, life altering endeavor. I think. If all goes as planned. Maybe. Perhaps. Yikes.

    I’ll meet you in the woods and we can compare maps.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Deal! Bring a flashlight in case it gets dark? I’ll bring stuff to make S’mores. Chocolate is very useful in difficult times, I find.

      Good luck to both of us going forward :-)

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