Pennies from Heaven: My Earring Returns

Un-freakin-believable! Mike was right: what’s lost can be found when & where we least expect. And Nancy is my fairy godmother! Barely arrived for the weekend, she simply passed my aprons as she walked into my kitchen, bumping the hook upon which they hung. A flutter of fabric & plink! my missing earring fell out of thin air & next to the cat’s dish. My favorite earring is back, after having only been gone a week.

I had thought I lost it on my long run last Saturday. Now I know that I actually lost it moments before my run, when I took off my apron to go change into running duds. It had snagged on the neck strap when I pulled the bib over my head. I love, love, love when mysterious questions get unmistakably clear answers!

I was amused by so many things this past week. For example, I realized that I have a “race schedule” suddenly. I ran the Hancock Run-for-the-Honey 5K yesterday, I have my first 5-mile race The Francestown Five on Sept. 6, and I will be doing the 5K run as my part of a relay team for the Angels Race Triathlon in NC on Sept. 19. Don’t look now, but I think I’m a real runner? HA! Tickled at my own guts.

So… I can give a “race recap” then, right? (OMG, this is hilarious.) Um, OK. Here’s a photo of my time & placement:


I came in 70th of 107 runners, which kinda sucks. And cripes, I see just now that I was outrun by a 10-yr.-old (65th place). But my time was 29:19, which is pretty good for me! It’s under my constant goal of 10-min. mi., but not as good as my time last year, 28:37 — still my 5K personal best. The only excuse I can give (cover your ears, boys) is that I had my stupid period super heavy the morning of the race. Grr, how annoying is that? Thank God for one Playtex Ultra to get me thru the race… another gift from the Magic Handbag of Fairy Godmother Nancy. (I’ve been told I still have one wish left, HA!) I wonder if I can get some kind of drug from my doctor? Something that can stall Mother Nature for a day or so, until after a race? Or is that considered cheating somehow?

Weather was sunny but cool (only 60-degrees at 8am race time) & it was an easy course with only one major uphill. I should have done better, but I got over it, once I began chowing on watermelon & brownies at the finish line. Breakfast of champions, yahoo!

Hey, that reminds me… why are all races so gosh-darn early in the morning? What we need around here is a few good afternoon race opportunities. Betcha then I could really shine :-)


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8 Responses to “Pennies from Heaven: My Earring Returns”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    Yay on finding the earring AND beating the 30 minute mark on your 5K despite mother nature’s interference!

    Awesome race schedule. I’m jealous. I was all set to train up for an 8k and then decided I need to give my foot more time to heal. Bummer. Maybe next spring or later this fall (fingers crossed).

  2. mike Says:

    Wow, looks like I picked the wrong week to take vacation (and the wrong 20 minutes to catch up on blogs…).
    How excited was I to read this post, oh right up until about the middle of paragraph 5. What the hell! Ha.

    Yes, I knew, just knew your ear ring would be found. You’re just that type of deserving person. Can’t wait til it happens again!

    And so I missed your 5K!
    Please. Beat by a 10 year old? Is there photo evidence? 2 character limitation on age? Could it have been a 100 year old?
    No worries, you broke 30 minutes, that’s freaking awesome!
    And look at nature throwing obstacles your way and you just bounce right back.
    Comments like this, “only 60-degrees at 8am race time” will come back to haunt you when you find that highly desirable Afternoon 5K and you fry.
    In conclusion, you’re awesome and I look forward to success at your 5 miler.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Welcome back from vacay, you :-) I missed your good humor on both our sites!

      You’re back just in the nick of time, too! Quick, prop me up, I’m losing my nerve a little about my 5-miler in 4 days. Squeak! If Earl is here that day, I might bag. Would that be too Wussymavis of me? With my luck, a 100-yr.-old would finish before me in a flippin’ hurricane. How you gonna make that kinda shame go away?

      • mike Says:

        What are Earth are you worried about?

        I mean, don’t get me wrong, everybody gets a little case of the nerves approaching a race.
        But, you’ve put in your time training, if you need evidence, look no further than your 5K performance. Wow.

        And fortunately, 5 miles isn’t even 2 miles further than that!

        Need I tell you about my first 5-miler again?
        How I was passed, DOWNhill by a neighbor pushing her toddler, yelling “Go Mommy, Go!” at Mile 4 when I was shuffling, and could only envision failure?

        Yeah, your experience will be much more pleasant.

        I’d even suggest recruiting a few 10/100 year-olds as pacers, because the worst thing you can do is go out too fast.
        If you find yourself in that situation, just picture a turtle (whether they be of the dessert, brunch, or box variety).

        And, finally, if there’s ever a finally (except the worm food future we all have in store), I just don’t understand all of the happy bloggers who became joyous non-bloggers so shortly after recruiting a few stellar new followers.
        Then again, I never understood how to be cool anyway.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Excellent prop-me-up, thanks. You always make me laugh! Now I will be shuffling along at the 4-mile mark, picturing a pokey reptile at my side (painted turtle will be my turtle of choice) talkin’ smack & promising me all kinds of personal glory if I finish as strong as I’m able.

        They better have brownies or chips at the end, or I’ll be having turtle soup for breakfast ;-)

      • mike Says:

        That is a very pretty turtle.
        But, let’s be on the same page!
        Turtle pace for Mile 1, so you don’t go out too FAST!
        Picture a slightly faster reptile for the remaining 4 miles (Komodo Dragon?).

        And so here we are, 3 days til the 5-miler.
        What do they recommend? Eat well this weekend, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, pack your race stuff the night before, eat a good breakfast (i’m assuming the race is in the AM), and have fun!

      • henniemavis Says:

        OK, Coach! I will do what you say & see what happens :-)

        Gecko. That’s me for mi. 2-5. Geckos can really scamper, plus they are way cuter, less bulky & have nicer reputations than Komodo dragons, ick!

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