Gains & Losses

My recent past in fitness is variable, to say the least. I haven’t reported since August 1, when I did my longest run to date of 4.5 mi. I’m getting back to public accountability here, to keep myself out front. OK, here goes:

August 1, 4.5 mi. run @ 54:02, longest ever.
Aug 2, 2 mi. walk.
Aug 3, strength class (1 hr.) plus 2 mi. walk.
Aug 4, 3 mi. run (no time, oops) & 1 mi. walk.
Aug 5, 7 mi. walk.
Aug 6, 2 mi. run, 1.5 mi. walk… forgot Mio watch for timing, again!
Aug 7, 5 mi. walk.
Aug 8, zippo… oops.
Aug 9, worst run ever, attempted 3 mi. but only did 2, if you even wanna count that (walked most). Only got 3 hrs. of sleep the night before, that’s my excuse.
Aug 10, 3 mi. run @ 32:43. Wow, much better after a long night of make-up sleep! What a diff.
Aug 11, 12 & 13, big fat zero… what’s up with that? Work ridiculously busy. Couldn’t get focused on running. Plus, my left big toe seems ingrown? Got a pedicure & massage, to cap off the week :-)
Aug 14, Milestone! Made up for 3 days of lazy with longest run ever to date, my first 5-miler @ 57:41. Cool day (75), no deer flies, really enjoyed the run. A little pain on the outside of my right leg during the run, but it went away since. This means I should be able to do the Francestown Five (5 mi.) Run on Labor Day. I’m slow, but who gives a shit: WOOT!
Aug 15, 3.5 mi. hike up & down Bald Mtn.

OK, so why the jewelry pic above? I lost one of my hematite earrings Aug 14 – 15. I wear them for days at a time without removal, which is why I’m not sure exactly when I lost it. I checked the bed, the rugs, washer/dryer, the driveway. I think the run or hike shook it loose? Crap. Guess I’d better strip myself of any bangles as part of my run-prep from now on.


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4 Responses to “Gains & Losses”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Good for you!! :-D YAY!

    I used to run 5 miles around Beaver Lake. I did it twice a week for a while. A number of years.

    If you run the roads around the perimeter, it’s almost exactly 5 miles–there’s some cut-off you have to take to make it come out even.

  2. mary taitt Says:

    Very sad about the pretty earring!!! :-(

    Boo hoo!

  3. mike Says:

    Who you calling SLOW?
    As if you need a confidence builder:
    My first 5-mile RACE, oh about 6 years ago, was completed in 56 minutes.
    I think if you’re knocking out a 57min 5-mile training run, then you are gonna be apologizing to some genuinely SLOW people afterward.
    Watch that pain on the outside of your leg, ice it if it happens again.

    Don’t give up hope! You may find that earring yet.
    It all began when I was driving to work after the gym.
    Attempting to put my wedding ring back on (try not to wear it when I swim), I dropped it in my car.
    Couldn’t find it upon arriving at work. Couldn’t find it after leaving work.
    Drove to work the following day (a Saturday no less…), combed the parking lot. Nothing.
    Got a few wrenches and removed the driver’s seat from my car, removed the carpet. Nothing.
    Watched my wife browse for a new (cheap) wedding ring.
    Removed clothes from the dryer a few days later, and there it was.
    Apparently had fallen into the cuff of my work pants and survived the trip.

    And have you been to Hershey Park lately? I hadn’t been for 15 years.
    Oh, it’s not the Hershey Park of our youth. Transformed to meet the modern park motif. The Sooper Dooper Looper? Now it’s a joke. You can ride it all day, and you’ll be lonely.
    Their water park is outstanding though, very enjoyable and they have so much great food, if it weren’t for the $52/ticket sticker shock (my tickets were free BTW), I’d love to visit more frequently.

    • henniemavis Says:

      If the Sooper Dooper Looper is lonely, was the Comet still there I wonder? The Comet’s my personal fav. Talk about a scary ride! Wooden track built in 1946, heck, fear of track collapse is the main thrill.

      Thanks, as always, for the pep talk… about the earring, of course, HA! See? Your wedding band was in the dryer. That’s always one of the first places I check for missing jewelry, but I struck out this time.

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