Creative Every Day: Sketchbook Exchange

If you’ve been following me prior to May, you may remember that I participate in a sketchbook exchange group. There are 12 sketchbooks in a circuit, each one being collectively filled by 12 artists from NM, MI, DE, TX, NV, CA, NY, VA, NH… even Canada. It’s great fun for me, when all goes smoothly. My book is visiting TX right now, but due to unforeseen personal issues in the life of an exchange partner just before me in the shipping rotation, I have not had a visiting sketchbook here with me since April.

Then out of the blue, 3 books came all at once last month! I have been working in one of them & just finished it on Friday. As I snapped these pics to post, it struck me that my sketch art really does tell a story of my life last month… constant garden harvests, an obsession with Monarch caterpillar-to-butterfly transformations, the Cheshire Cat from a poster I just did for a children’s production of Alice in Wonderland. That whole “art is life” thing… by God, I think I suddenly get that.

This caterpillar “puppet” was particularly amusing to me. I made it from the amputated finger of a rubber glove, with Sharpie marker stripes & embroidery floss antennas. Less than 5 minutes from idea to completion — such a short countdown to happiness. I love when that happens :-)

Note: As always, you may click on any photo to see it larger. Enjoy!


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13 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Sketchbook Exchange”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Oh drool! Such nice art, so beautiful! I love the little caterpillar, I can believe you did that in 5 minutes, I would take me a week!

    Each is so different and FUN!!!! The cat amazing and hilarious, the vegetables tasty and sweet, the butterfly gorgeous! so nice.

  2. clearheart Says:

    Oh LOVE your chesire kitty!
    Wonderful work here!

  3. Jul Says:

    That sketchbook exchange sounds like fun. And that caterpillar puppet is great!

  4. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks, everyone :-) The sketchbook exchange is super fun, because there are “no rules” about medium, themes, etc. It’s totally wide open. The only limitations are how many pages each artist is allowed to do & how much time you have to do each book… and some of the artists don’t even follow these guidelines, HA!

    The caterpillar still tickles me. It went with the sketchbook, so I might have to make another one for myself ;-)

  5. Peggy Stermer-Cox Says:

    Oh, I love those “I get it” moments…or when I can link ideas! I like your caterpillar…so festive. Interesting variety of drawings; wonderful to explore styles and visual imagery! Most creative!

    I’m a runner too, currently side-lined by not doing enough stretching of feet, ankles and hamstrings..enjoy your running!

    • henniemavis Says:

      “I get it” moments are the BEST :-) Thanks for your encouragment.

      Sorry about your side-lined running. Turns out, after last week’s banner effort, my week thus far has been unimpressive. But my setback is caused by lack of motivation, too many brownies & not enough sleep, HA!

  6. Evelyn Says:

    Really nice work. Love yr work – so bold and bright. Oh, love that puppet!

  7. Julie B. Says:

    Hi CED friend,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post.
    Your artwork is so fresh and childlike. I am absolutely charmed by the finger puppet. I would never look at a glove and think of that. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Julie B.

  8. heatherlorin Says:

    The sketchbook exchanges are so fun – I love looking at what comes out of them! Very cool caterpillar and butterfly. Love the 3D. What did you use for the antenna?

    • henniemavis Says:

      Little strips of black paper for the butterfly… but I used embroidery floss for the caterpillar. Could you find a sketchbook exchange to join? It really is fun, if you have the motivation & discipline for it. That seems to be the hitch, I’ve found (been in 2 groups so far). Some participants are pretty good at staying committed to the schedule. Others, not so much… which fouls the rhythm for everyone.

  9. Pearl Says:

    5 minutes to make that caterpillar? cool.

    I’m reading Alice in Wonderland again too.

  10. Shelley Noble Says:

    LOVE the butterfly and the glove caterpillar! brill!

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