Mary’s Weekword: Balance

Of which I have none, otherwise I’d have a clever post up by now. Instead, I’m begging off until tomorrow. Because I had a hellacious work week AGAIN (economy is doing better, apparently). Because it’s 11:30pm, and I’m just now having my dinner, I’m that ravenous. Afterward, I’m going to sack out on a full stomach, knowing full well that I’ll regret it, I’m that exhausted.

Today started out fine, but soon became out of balance. We got the call this morning that my husband’s 80-yr.-old father has been hospitalized. My husband left immediately & indefinitely, to fill the vacancy of primary caregiver for his 89-yr.-old mother while Dad is in the hospital. I’m holding down the fort (home & business), awaiting further news.

Tomorrow, I get to try for balance again. But right now, I’m going to go make full use of a whole double bed & a mess of pillows all to myself. Mmm, nothing restores my balance like a good, hard sleep :-)

Postscript: Correction, nothing restores my balance like throwing ballast overboard, which is my revised plan. I’m afraid this will be the best I can do for “balance” this week(word). It’s Monday & I’m moving on. The good news: my father-in-law is home again. He is being treated for Lyme disease, which is certainly good news, cuz when you’re 80, there’s a hell of a lot worse than that. Hooray for mild afflictions in the whole scheme of life!


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12 Responses to “Mary’s Weekword: Balance”

  1. Carmen Hirkala Says:

    I’m in the same boat as you Hennie and have to stave off another Friday Weekword till Saturday or later with the week if had and the packing that still needs to happen before we leave at 7:00 a.m. for Phoenix. More family matters about my father in law, only this time it’s Round 1 with all siblings present. At least it’s neutral territory.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law and have absolutely as much of my little brain left sending positive thoughts your way and appreciating so much where your own thoughts must be. Stay strong, be at peace as often as you can, and keep striving for balance.

    Keeping the sanity,


  2. mary taitt Says:

    oops, I posted your link before I read this–will REPOST again with a new link when you have another post.

    I’m out of balance too–so sorry about hubby’s Dad, Mom and out of balance situation.

  3. Junebug Says:

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I’ll send you and your family my thoughts and prayers. Balance would definitely be a hard thing to keep with such craziness going on.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Balance is a myth.

  5. B Says:

    Hope this finds you waking up refreshed and balanced this Sunday morning!

  6. peggy fussell Says:

    Good for you! And sorta good for your father-in-law. Lyme is nasty, I know from dreadful experience, but oh so curable once it is diagnosed. I’m very glad that he found out what it was. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Oh P, you had Lyme too? We know so many people who have had contact with it. I sometimes wonder if I don’t have it & just don’t know… yet. I surely didn’t mean to belittle the seriousness of it… but at 80, it’s not near as dreadful a diagnosis as Dad (& we) had feared!

      • peggy fussell Says:

        Yes and I thought I’d had a stroke! I can only imagine the stress that your Dad and you all went through. Rotten tick. I highly recommend a titer anytime you even suspect lyme. I know so many people who’ve had mild cases for years.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Made me Google “titer,” titter! I love learning a new word :-)

        Yeah, it was scary. I’m sure I’ve been exposed. My lifestyle, well, let’s just say I could be voted “Most Likely to Have a Tick” in almost any crowd ;-) Thanks for the info.! I will demand a titer from my doc upon my next visit, if it can detect exposure on any level…

  7. mary taitt Says:

    I hope you get back in balance and Ken and his Dad and everyone. Me too.

    If you do anything else on this topic later, let me know and i’ll post it. If yr moving on, good for you! :-D

    Sorry about the Lyme disease, but yr right, it could be worse.

  8. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind wishes :-)

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