My Weekword: Braid

I’m honored to be the next Weekword supplier, blessing bestowed upon me by Carmen. Since I am right now wishing for a delicious Danish cheese braid to go with my coffee (but alas, have none), I will give the word instead. Yes, our new Weekword is: BRAID.

If you’d like to join the fray, just share your interpretation (spoken word, videos, pictures, drawings, any creative acts you can muster) on this week’s word on your own blog. You have until Friday, July 30, and because of my own relentless workweek, I give you until midnight that Friday to post. I will post my twisted response to “braid” on Saturday morning, with links to all players. Please leave me a comment below saying you’re in the game, so I’ll know to link ya later :-)

Have at it, fellow creatives… and welcome to any newcomers!


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22 Responses to “My Weekword: Braid”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    I have never been a part of this meme or whatever it is, but I think I’d like to play this week, IF I can use an except from one of the NOVELS I am working on–I may also do an art piece, but the novel is the thing. (I may have to include a little explanation about what is going on in the novel and why it is relevant, I’m not sure yet. But it just happens that I was thinking about BRAID in the last couple of days, relevant to the novel.

  2. aimee Says:

    fabulous word! count me in!

  3. Carmen Hirkala Says:

    Excellent word cutie pie, count me in!

  4. christine Says:

    There’s gotta be a lot of inspiration in London… that’s where I am right now. Count in me…
    Off with my camera…

  5. henniemavis Says:

    Hooray! @ Aimee, Carmen, Christine :-) Glad we have some players.

    P.S. Sure wish I was in London right now!

  6. Domestic Scribbles Says:

    The thought of “braid” has me twisted up in knots but will do my best to get it together for Friday. ;o)

  7. meghan Ling Says:

    What??? I love you so much Hennie but I don’t get what I’m supposed to do…but I DO want to play. DO I “hide” the word braid in my blog? Use it? Details please…I WAS just a running blogger but you have inspired me to “branch” out and try some new blogs for FUN! Details, please email if you need to!

  8. mary taitt Says:

    I worked two days on my novel excerpt, have a poem, and now for some art, maybe? I haven’t posted any of it yet. I’m having fun with it, though.

  9. heatherlorin Says:

    OK, this is totally off-topic but it is art-related so I’m passing this along in case you hadn’t seen it already:

    Cool, no? I signed up to do “the view from up here”. Will be updating about it either at Running in Pants or maybe a new one for my creative stuff.

    • henniemavis Says:

      No worries, dear! My life (& blog) doesn’t seem to wanna stick to a steadfast topic… therefore, my usual theme must be “anything goes?” I’ll check this out & comment to your site when I get a chance. I love to explore art sites!

  10. peggy fussell Says:

    I’m in! … and sorta glad to hear that there won’t be cheesy hotels involved.

  11. mary taitt Says:

    Cheesy hotels can sometimes provide lots of good material!! (and insects and parasites if they are grody ones).

  12. henniemavis Says:

    Hooray, we are getting a few more Weekword takers… and as always, lots of inspired comments (snicker)! Rats, is it too late to change my word to “parasites?” Just kidding!

  13. cissi Says:

    I will join you!

  14. mary taitt Says:

    LOL! I am having a heyday with braid.

    Parasites sound like fun, too, he he he!

    (Does a 16-year-old boy who never stops eating and begging for money count as a parasite?)

  15. christine Says:

    Stimulating word…

    My husband even helped look for photographic interpretations of the word BRAID…

    Anxious to check in with the other blogs… will be in London a bit longer… stop by sometime.

  16. joannetolkoff Says:

    I’d love to join you on this one. I’m a newbie. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. henniemavis Says:

    Welcome, Cissi, Joanne & others :-) It’s Friday, so I will be linking to everyone from my braid post after midnight tonight (or by early Saturday AM, before 9am…). Thanks for playing!

  18. Junebug Says:

    I’ve decided to jump in this week. Please count me in. :-)

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