Ordering a Swimsuit: Summer Fitness Continues

The moment of truth. Summer’s half over & my new swimsuit is finally on its way, yikes. Catalog order, a “Grecian Slimsuit” it’s called. Well, I sure as hell better look like Helen of Troy in it, for as hard as I’ve worked on my middle-aged self for the last 2 years! On one hand, I’m happy because it’s the smallest size suit I’ve ever ordered (post teen years, of course). But trying on bathing suits? Always a toughie. It’s a girl thing. If this one fits nice, I might actually “swim” in some “deep” water (neck high?), gasp!

On that note, here’s my fitness blow-by-blow for the week:
July 15, 2.5 mi. speedwalk (w/Jaime)
July 16, 3 mi. speedwalk (w/Teres)
July 17, 4 mi. run @ 44:39 !! The time really sucks, despite that I felt good on the run. I fiddled a lot with my music device, tho. Must’ve slowed me way down ;-)
July 18, weak half mi. walk, pinched for time, feeling overworked & lazy…
July 19, 3 mi. run @ 33:23, muggy as all get out.
July 20, totally bagged… but I did sign up for a strength-training class that starts next Tues. (once a week) I gotta do something about poor cross-training, so this is it. If I pay to play, I’ll do it.

And lastly, why the roadside shot above? Can you see the coffee mug in the dirt (lower left corner)? It’s a new landmark along my 3 mi. running route. Showed up this week. I laughed when I saw it, as I am 99% sure I know how it got there. Rolled off the roof of a neighbor’s car. I used to do this all the time, back in Syracuse, when I wasn’t self-employed. I can’t tell you how many times I set my coffee on the roof for “just a second” to load my car, then hopped in & drove off. The darn thing always rolled off at the first stop sign. This mug lies roadside, right where you have to goose it a little to power up a small hill. HA! So funny. At least on dirt road, coffee mugs don’t break when they fall. Wonder how long until someone retrieves it?


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13 Responses to “Ordering a Swimsuit: Summer Fitness Continues”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    I hope you are happy with the new swimsuit.

    I had my old one on once this vacation, but didn’t swim. The great lakes are very cold.

    I look kind of like mrs potato head in mine. :-(

    • henniemavis Says:

      Mrs. Potato Head, HA! Well, at least you’re good-humored about it :-) I will think of you & hope for the same good humor when I wiggle into my new suit.

  2. mary taitt Says:

    ha ha

    that’s funny about the cup.

    NOT funny was the time I left my newly typed (expensively typed) Master’s thesis on top of the car while I loaded baby Sara in and went to have it bound. It blew down the road and people drove over it. Even now if you look in the thesis, you can see tire tracks on the backs of some of the pages–I only had the ones retyped with the tire tracks on the FRONT.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Well thank God it was only your thesis gone from the roof, & not baby Sara! One reads about stuff like that in the paper.

      The most upsetting thing I ever lost off the roof of my car was a half dozen roses I had bought for a friend. I remembered them when I got to her house & couldn’t find the roses I’d just bought. Really annoying.

  3. mary taitt Says:

    Now that I’m an old lady, I shall wear purple and laugh it myself.

    Meanwhile, may you be pleased with yourself and your suit.

  4. mary taitt Says:

    That would be annoying!! AK!

    Right after the incident with Sara and the thesis, a baby fell off the roof of the car on 690–and miraculously was unhurt–it was strapped in its careseat and landed upright and the carseat saved its life–I was so relieved I put SARA in first.

  5. mike Says:

    No bike this week?

    I thought we agreed you wouldn’t swim.

    And yes, life remains more fun than that boring void called death.

    I mentioned the damn headlamp right there under “Loop 6!” But, it’s not too bright, kinda like extra moonlight. Helps you identify large objects and general contours of the route, not enough to prevent you from tripping.

    Please plant SOMETHING in that mug! Otherwise, experience has taught me, that mug will be there long after you and I are dead and boring.

    Hey, and chafing etc. Dude at the Running Store said those particular shorts would work flawlessly. And I had no problems with a similar pair of shorts last year. And that was for the full 24 hours.
    But you’re right. I should’ve referred to dialogue in emails that didn’t exist.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Yeah, no bike, sadly. Had lots of late PM T-storms this week & being miles from home in a downpour isn’t that appealing to me. Also, sitting on a metal frame in T-storm, not wise. And don’t give me that “rubber tires = safety” crap… a jolt is a jolt.

      You wrote about headlamp issues? Cripes, how’d I miss that — oh wait, I know: I had to read your post in about 10 piecemeal sessions, as I kept getting called away by work (callers). Customer interference, HA! Re: weak beam… is yours LED? I can’t imagine that wouldn’t be bright enough. Mine’s so bright, I almost never use the “high beam” setting. Does yours have varied beam features (one click “low”, twice for “high”, thrice for flashing, etc.)? I’ll go back & read your whining in more detail ;-)

      Re: swimming, we agreed that I don’t know how to swim… yet. Did I promise I wouldn’t get into water up to my neck? No sir, we agreed nothing.

      Dude at Running Store’s first priority was selling shorts, not coddling your sissy thighs, don’t ya think? Follow your own advice, silly, cuz it was good advice: precautionary Vaseline for all longer-than-usual distance runs :-)

  6. peggy fussell Says:

    I am laughing so hard at that Grecian Slimsuit comment, Helen OT!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Trying on swimsuits is not funny, Peggy. (HA! I’m laughing too, as I type) It hasn’t arrived yet, so the verdict’s pending. I should buy grapes at the store today. Do ya think if I hold an urn in one arm & bunch o’grapes overhead in the other, it’ll help? Did Helen of Troy ever get “matronly” looking? Oh my goodness… how did it come to this? >giggle<

      • peggy fussell Says:

        I don’t know about Helen, but I am thinking of going to the beach in a big wooden horse this year.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Oh, Peggy Lee, you shoulda just heard me laughing! Had to wipe a tear, honestly. You win: bathing suits are funny.

        You take the prize for the best laugh all week — and that’s saying a lot, as Mike’s been leaving so little room for competition lately!

  7. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    I like the idea of going to the beach in a wooden horse.

    I wonder if it would float like a boat.

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