Creative Every Day: Painting & Planting

This week is already getting away from me, but even when I’m too busy to post blog entries, I am fitting in some artistic play. I managed to whisk off this ink drawing of a hermit thrush (from taxidermy model). Lined it in water-soluable marker, brushed it with water wash, then once dry, I cut in with a few more lines. Only a 30 min. sketch, but a nice escape from a very busy workweek.

I did some creative digging & planting over the weekend, too. It’s nice to have some sun on one’s house & garden, but we are constantly having to fight for our fair share. The woods try to reclaim us always, first with puckerbrush, then saplings & vines, until flower or veggie garden becomes field & field becomes forest. We mow, chop, hack & dig to hold our position.

We’ve had this huge remnant of a butternut tree at the end of our driveway since the Icestorm Yard Cleanup of 2008. The stump was too big to haul out ourselves & we didn’t want to pay someone, so we’re just letting it rot. I’ve been meaning to weed & plant a little something down there, to make it less of an eyesore… if that’s even possible?

Extreme Makeover: Tree Stump Edition. How’s this for being creative? Super low budget, too, HA!
Here’s the BEFORE …

…and here’s AFTER a few hours of digging, moving plants from elsewhere in the yard (black-eyed Susans, red & purple bergamot, more day lilies) & adding a few potted geraniums…

Ta-da! Not too shabby, eh? Tho I saw this morning that chipmunks had nipped every bud off the geraniums. This year was the first time I wintered over & propagated my own geraniums too, saving myself $40 in plant costs.  I swear, we can’t have anything nice around here. Pesky rodents! Good-for-nothing cats! Good thing I love animals… mostly ;-)


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16 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Painting & Planting”

  1. HJJC Says:

    Aw, I miss the end of your driveway…..It looks so cleaned up now, nice job. Promise we do a walk at your house during my next visit?
    As always, I enjoy seeing all you have been up to. Kind of makes me feel like an unmotivated loser though. Oh well, I’ve got Ebelskievers and cute cats in my favor.

  2. HJJC Says:

    Oh, did I say I miss you? ’cause I do : (

  3. HJJC Says:

    How do I add a picture of me? I am spooky looking all white, shadowy and ghostly. Is this something you do or is it a Holly task?

    • henniemavis Says:

      Good question! I’m pretty sure I cannot give you a photo. I can only designate a “neutral” image for the comments which come in from someone who does not have an avatar. Perhaps go to and open an account linked to your email, which would enable you to upload a profile image? I get a Gravatar profile image as part of my blog on WordPress. Since you don’t have a WP blog, you show up as a little “ghost head” which I chose as the image for non-avatared folks.

      There, I switched it to little colored quilty things. Is that better, until you personalize?

  4. Aya Says:

    I love the drawing of the bird! wow! it looks so beautiful where you live now!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks :-) It is very beautiful here, you would like it very much, I think. Tonight, I shut off my music a little while ago, in preparation to call it a night. Right now, I can hear mice rooting about in the dry leaves just outside my open window (too dark to see them). And I heard coyotes howling about an hour ago, over my music, that’s how close & loud they were!

      Bet I would be amazed at the howling “wildlife” in your neighborhood, eh? HA!

  5. Hybrid J Says:

    The bird drawing is beautiful and the way you capture (or create) the its look to the viewer is wonderful. And gee, it only took you 30 mins to finish! If I was to do it, it’s going to take hours … (me sighing)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work! ;D

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks :-) The bird’s “look” at the viewer is accidental, but I’m glad you enjoy it! I love birds so rattling off a quick bird sketch is easier for me than drawing most other things. Except bananas… but I draw too many of those, HA!

  6. mike Says:

    The bird looks a little annoyed, probably because you revealed he was only a 30 minute job.

    And nice stump makeover, certainly brightened it up.

  7. mary taitt Says:

    OOoh, I love the hermit thrush! Yippee! I’m behind because of the power outage here.

    Nice job on the tree-stump makeover!

    I do my geraniums that way every year, but this year, I haven’t finished the job properly.

  8. Jingle Says:

    love your art work!

  9. henniemavis Says:

    @Mary & Jingle: Thanks!

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