Coyotes Bite!

Got your attention, didn’t I? HA! I was foolin’ with my cell cam this morning before my Sketching from Nature class. Heavy rain today, which I don’t normally espouse for outdoor drawing, so I revised my plan to hold class indoors. Gives me an excuse to round up some of the Harris Center’s taxidermy mounts as captive models. They have a pretty good selection of stuffed woodland mammals, reptiles, birds, even skulls & other “nature things” to draw from. This coyote head is particularly well done taxidermically.

What really bites: my inability to stick to my 10K training plan! Grrrr. Tho I am running regularly & do get in cross-training exercise (bike or walk w/stretching), I’m not really following a build-up on the run distances & I am particularly lousy about strength training w/weights, ever since the class I was in got cancelled for the summer, due to lack of an instructor. I have a Vectra weight station at home, plus handweights & a mat. You’d think I could rally myself, but no.

Anyhoo, here’s my effort over the last week:
July 7, 2.5 mi. speedwalk & 7.5 mi. bike (too hot to run, high 90s!)
July 9, 3 mi. speedwalk (heat ditto)
July 10, 4 mi. walk-run intervals (still ridiculously hot)
July 11, 3 mi. RUN, (weather breaks, finally!) 32:34-ish
July 13, 2.75 mi. run (in rain) 29:16

So, I’m getting out there. I’m just misdirected. This weekend, I am going to map out actual time slots during my upcoming week, in the mornings perhaps, when it’s cool? I’m not much for getting up early to exercise before work. Shit, I can barely get to the coffeemaker at 6am… how the heck & I going to have the wherewithal to exercise? This should be interesting, but I gotta try :-)

What I am learning about myself is that if I dress in my running duds for work, I am that much closer to just taking my run when my mood or the weather suddenly cooperates. The downside is that in summer, I don’t like having sneakers on any longer than I have to. And I didn’t really have any “sport sandals” to wear with Techwick shirts & running skirts or shorts. My leather sandals were all too dressy. Enter fancy flip flops… eh-hem, “athletic sandals.” Much more comfy that my cheap-o flops, can you see the foam-cushioned footbed? Ah, these feel great & are less cumbersome on my feet all day than sneakers, which I can now just throw on pre-run.

OK, enough prattle, time for bed… which is a whole other issue. Getting on a more regular sleep schedule might help me with that morning run idea, huh? So much to change, so little discipline ;-)


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16 Responses to “Coyotes Bite!”

  1. meghan Ling Says:

    I can’t stand running in the morning! I stumble down the stairs and am pretty stunned until I have that cup of coffee or two(or 3?).
    Just keep up with the fitness and can you try getting out after work at least three days a week and at least once on the weekends? Hang in there!!
    Love your toenail polish :) !

    • henniemavis Says:

      Yeah, the morning thing is a problem with me… I need to forcibly shit-can some of my night-owl habits. I can manage practicing piano or art projects in the morning, as that works well with a cup of coffee & a quiet mind. Running right out of the sack? Not so much.

  2. Mark Says:

    I LOVE that painting of the rooster in one of your previous posts. Really impressive stuff…all of it. I haven’t seen a lot of walk/runners, but I did have a friend qualify for Boston Marathon by walking for 30 seconds after each mile. He said it kept his legs fresh. Never heard of anyone else doing that though.

    • henniemavis Says:

      That’s interesting that you commented on my art, of all things. Computer tech, running, humorist & art appreciation = Renaissance Man.

      I normally don’t walk as part of my runs, unless there’s a killer uphill that does me in… the walks or walk-run intervals I post are meant as “cross-training” activity on days I don’t run. But yeah, as a beginner to running, being told to walk in intervals as a training tool made running mentally doable for me at first :-)

      Let me tell ya tho, my pokey-ass 10 min. mi. running can be eclipsed by some fast walkers, which is mightily depressing during a race, HA!

      • heatherlorin Says:

        10 min mi sounds fast to me! It’s all relative. : )

        I tend to be a night owl as well. But a while back I signed up for group training sessions that started at 5:45 am. I got used to the routine of rolling out of bed, getting dressed, swishing some listerine, sipping some water, jumping into the car and stumbling through the one mile warm up run (in the dark – it was winter). About 15 minutes into the workout I was finally awake. And then I was ready to crash by 9:30 pm.

        You can do it!

      • henniemavis Says:

        Mike & Laura, who can both trounce me, said a while back that there’s always someone faster, always someone slower, for all of us. A comfort, I suppose. I should remember to be grateful for what I do have, when I find myself wanting more.

        Thanks for the support :-) yes, I like the idea of getting exercise under my belt first thing. But my biggest hump will be forcing myself to bed the night before!

  3. mike Says:

    Little discipline?
    You ran in the rain! I’d call that discipline.

    You may be able to just PUSH yourself outside right upon waking and hit the ground running.

    I like to wake at 4:21AM, it’s a friendly time of day.
    Not recommended, however.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Are you a rain prude? On top of shunning public buses & trashpicking at the town dump? I’m starting to think you’re temperamental ;-)

      [cut to fuzzy-future sequence]
      My husband: “Why are you wearing running clothes & sneakers to bed?”
      Me: “My French maid outfit is at the cleaners.”
      Me: “Cuz Mike said I should be able to push out for a run upon waking at the crack of dawn.”
      Husband: “Obviously doesn’t know you.”
      Me: “Bingo.”
      (Seriously, a dead person could wake up faster & more clear-headed than me.)

      • mike Says:

        You are hilarious.

        That dead person might be knocking out a 9min/mile pace, too.

      • henniemavis Says:

        We’ll see :-)

        Good luck in the Philly ’round the clock race. I hope you’re stockpiling extra sleep hours tonight. I couldn’t go for the whole weekend like that, but I would definitely try the Midnight Madness Run. I may refuse to train at 5am, but for an official “Dawn of the Dead 5K,” I’d consider running! Slow finish-times are expected in zombie-theme runs, yes?

  4. Willie Says:

    good for you for your running progress! And thanks for the kind words about the homeless blog. Do let me know when the Dallas chapter arrives!! xoxox

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’m getting interested in “interventionist art” cuz of you. I picked up that name in your talk. What you did, it’s so COOL! Creativity is amazing power. I might want to do a post on this subject…

  5. mary taitt Says:

    Dig that toe polish, woowee!

    Love the coyote.

    Hope you can stick to your regime!

    I need new sandals. Those flip flops look great. (Athletic?)

    I love my keens.

  6. mary taitt Says:

    YAY! :-D

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