WordPress Slideshow Success

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Sweet Jesus, I learned something exciting on WordPress today: Slideshow! Warning: manic high in action. (Sorry about my tired old banana art. I wasn’t sure if I would ever succeed with Slideshow, so I didn’t spend time making new art for the attempt.)

Deep, gracious bow to Sandy Coleman for introducing me to the slideshow feature via her WP blog sketches a few weeks ago, tho I failed at the time to understand & implement on my site. Big, cheeky hug to Colleen for showing it to me again on her WP site, but accidentally saying just the right thing in her comments to get my brain-bulb to click on. I understand now! I get it! You should hear me bubble & squeak!

Multiple images shown in a series don’t take up the on-screen real estate that posting a chain of photos does. A slideshow tells a visual story with no scroll-down required. So cool :-)

And now, for Peggy’s weekword: “number.” Mine has just come to me! It’s 2. Two mentors. Two attempts. It takes two to get thru to me. I will try to make an orginal slideshow highlighting the number 2 by Friday’s deadline.


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13 Responses to “WordPress Slideshow Success”

  1. peggy fussell Says:

    Oh now I have something new to learn!! So glad you are playing the numbers!!

  2. Sandy Coleman Says:

    Excellent job! And I love your colorful banana.:-)

  3. heatherlorin Says:

    Awesome! Now I have to try. :)

  4. cathlin Says:

    Well done. I’ve yet to figure out how to put a heading under a still picture!

    • henniemavis Says:

      I think what you mean is to use the “caption” option when you upload the photo into a post? Someone on your site is already doing it, I’m pretty sure (Heather, I think)?

  5. colleen.NY Says:

    Awesome slideshow! Glad it worked out.
    Love the bananas. Very Warholian.

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