Creative Every Day: Sketching from Nature

My submission for this week’s CED Challenge is one of the drawings I did in my Sketching from Nature class. It’s a soluable marker sketch of Self Heal (aka. Heal All), which I then brushed with water to bleed the ink. Click on the photo to see it larger. I added a border but haven’t decided if I will write inside it, or do some more drawing there. I volunteer-teach this outdoor art course Wed. mornings in July for the Harris Center for Conservation Education. After a short demo of a different technique each week, we wander the grounds & sketch, then meet at session’s end to compare experiences & share our drawings. Teaching periodically at the Harris Center gives me a chance to share 2 loves of my life: nature & art. By offering this course, I get to meet others who love these things too. Just one teeny way to validate my existence in this world :-)

Other fun things that happened this week:

Hot sauces 50% off at C&C Art Supply & Hot Shoppe! They’re trying to lighten their inventory before moving to West Street. Ken picked 3, I picked 4. And yes, I chose the “Screaming Blue Hen.” I still cannot believe there’s a store near me that sells both art supplies & hot sauces under the same roof. If I had to be stranded somewhere for eternity, a library would be my first choice, but an art supply shop that also carried hot sauces from all over the country? Geez, very close second.

At right is my freebie trashpick from this week’s dump foray: a egg cookbook. I’ve never made a soufflé before. Apparently, they were all the rage in the 70s, when this book came out. I’m going to make one this weekend. I am even considering trying to sew a vintage apron, to enhance my soufflé-making experience. Move over, June Cleaver, HA!


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8 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Sketching from Nature”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Nice drawing! :-D I love wild plant drawings and that technique.

    Souffles are a big hit in our family–I have a recipe I make at nearly every family holiday. I have to continue to make it even though I can’t eat cheese, because everyone else wants it. It;s such a favorite, I make it at dinner with the turkey or ham etc, if we don’t have breakfast or brunch together.

    • henniemavis Says:

      A cheesy souffle sounds delish! I saw a broccoli one that looked good, and oh my, dessert ones too… maple souffle, or chocolate! I don’t have a souffle dish, tho. Maybe I can find one at the dump “swap shop” next weekend, HA!

  2. mike Says:

    Beautiful sketch. I hope it’s a reflection of the weather out your way, if you were willing to sacrifice that precious water for the sake of art.

    Those aprons are hot BTW, totally worth the effort.

    And hey, I think my blog posts just appear long because I shun paragraphs.

    • henniemavis Says:

      No water-ban here, but I’ve been known to lick my brush & use spittle in a pinch. Makes my drawings all that more personal, HA!

      Most men in my life seem to have single-sentence thoughts. You may not use paragraph breaks, but at least you share lots of single-sentences. Makes you very personable, like one of the girls… until you say stuff like “those aprons are hot,” HA! Boy alert. The aprons are cute, Mike. Cute… not hot ;-)

  3. heatherlorin Says:

    Love the drawing! I’ve never tried that technique – will have to give it a go. And yes, that IS an odd combination art and hot sauce.

    Good luck with the apron!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks. I love water-soluable marker for quick washes on line drawings. Definitely give it a go! I find that I get a well-developed look in a very short time with that technique :-)

      I was just posting a link to your site while you were leaving this comment. I am Colleen’s biggest fan today!

  4. Hybrid J Says:

    Wonderful drawing and I like the idea of adding water soften the ink. It helps to give a drawing a soft touch. Just lovely!

    Thank you for sharing. ;)

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