Losing My Will to Live

My God, this heat is a bear. I’m on the edge of just wishing I were dead. If I owned a swimsuit currently, I might consider donning it & trying to swim. Getting in some deep water could prove dual purpose. 1.) Cool me off good. 2.) Drowning would fulfill my death wish.

Instead, I’ve been drinking like a fish. Temps over 95 daily since Monday have sucked any motivation for exercise right out of me, sadly. Who wants to run when you’d rather just curl up & die? But I’m doing the best I can while taking a short hiatus from running. I biked 7.5 mi. (downhills cool me off, at least) & walked 2.5 mi. on Wed. morning. Tomorrow, I have a 3 mi. morning walk scheduled with a neighbor. I find I don’t cop out if I sucker a pal into an exercise meet-up. If temps drop tomorrow evening, I might try for my first run of the week. Cripes!

The good news is that extreme heat also kills my appetite. I don’t crave food when I’m bloated on liquids. I scored an accidental weight loss of 3 lbs. this week, which is inclining me to take another stab at dropping under 140 lbs. I’d love to get back to 135, what I weighed fresh out of college! Now that would be cool :-)


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14 Responses to “Losing My Will to Live”

  1. mike Says:

    That post was a little dark.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about sustained weight loss during a heat wave.

    Keep drinking plenty of fluids and when you curl up, stop just short of dying.

    Life is far more interesting.

    • henniemavis Says:

      How do you know? If one stops short, one has no grounds for comparison ;-) I’m bankin’ dead is pretty interesting too. Believing that assures a win-win. Makes us somewhat fearless in our pursuits. You know all about fearless pursuits, smartypants! (Remind me I said this when I sign up for swimming lessons, gulp.)

      Besides, I like dark sometimes. Without dark, there’s no light! We need both, don’t you know.

      • mike Says:

        I knew you’d call me out on that one.

        Funny that you can justify fearlessness based upon the likelihood of an interesting afterlife.

        Hmmm, I really may need to reconsider my pursuits because I think that death just leads to my body being worm food. Oh well!

        Not too many words rhyme with popsicle. Nice catch!

      • henniemavis Says:

        Let’s make a deal: whomever dies first must give supernatural sign to the survivor which one of us was right. Oh wait… if you’re right, we won’t be able to do anything but decompose, huh? If I go first & I’m right, you can bet your booty I will ephemerally materialize for an end-zone dance in your face. I assume the undead can’t speak, lucky for you.

  2. henniemavis Says:

    Milestone: that comment was my first one philosophical. What do I like best about “philosophical?” It sounds like “popsicle.” I could really go for one of those about now.

  3. henniemavis Says:

    OMG, this is how I know my nut has totally fried in this heat: I’m having a grand time typing ridiculous comments to my own blog post!

  4. Aya Says:

    This weather is killing me to, I’ve never been in heat that makes me so nonfunctional. And I’m getting really depressed ad well. NY had 2 days with over a 100! It’s amazing that you were still able to exercise! I had errands to run in the city and had to walk into a store every single block to cool off.

    Hope it gets better over the weekend. If you find that pool to drown yourself, let me know… in the meantime, it’s icecoffee and a shower every 2 hours around here…

    • henniemavis Says:

      Aya, remember when you commented once how interestingly different our lives are? I like wondering about your life in NYC, but not if you are suffering! I think maybe 100 city-degrees is hotter than 100 out here? All that concrete, asphalt & metal in the city must hold & reflect shimmering heat like an oven :-( The woods here are a little cooler (very shady), but I have also been drinking lots of iced coffee & splashing cold water in my face!

  5. peggy fussell Says:

    Stay hydrated!! I generally love the heat but I just had a spell of sun poisoning and it’s no fun. Even though I drank plenty of water I think I am just not accustomed to losing so much fluid through my skin. I had the fever shakes and cold sweats and zero appetite for days. Temps went up to 105 freakin’ degrees here. And not a drop of rain. My poor garden is literally cracking. Even the rosemary is complaining. Extreme temperatures are for hibernating, that’s what I say.
    ps. I love being in the water but I can’t swim for beans. I can stay afloat and maneuver myself from place to place, but I wouldn’t call it swimming. Good luck with your lessons! You inspire me!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Ooo, sun poisoning? Glub glub, drink more! Water… not from our secret cobalt bottle, tee hee. And yes, my garden is suffering, too. My sweet hens & chicks spend all day panting under the lilac bush. Did you know birds pant like dogs when they are overheating? Poor things.

      I “swim” exactly like you, which is why I don’t go into water where I can’t touch bottom. I’m afraid I’ll end up on the bottom! It’s pathetic, I know, but I am NOT taking swimming lessons. Not yet, anyway. (I was just pokin’ fun at Mike when I said I was going to.)

  6. meghan Ling Says:

    Okay, very entertaining blog post and comments…those kept me busy for at least 45 minutes…just a few comments back…
    1. Death by popsicles, that’s my suggestion and rebuttal to all of that blog-babble going on between you and Mike. I’m not sure I get it, it’s so verbose and popsicle(I mean philosophical, of course).
    2. Did you know we are all dying(curled up, of course)from sun-less depression? On the So. Cali coast near San Diego, we HAVE NOT had sun since July 1st. Truly, honestly, sadly…we are all in deep fits of depression. No beach, no bikinis, no sunburns…so I just hang out watching my flowers grown and my birds do “their thing.”
    It sounds like we are on the opposite sides of the WORLD right now…
    stay cool, Henniemavie!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Oh, Meg… I dream of your rain! We haven’t rain here for more than 2 weeks. The sun is killing everything. That’s amazing that you’re in “sunny California” and it’s not! Wow, your garden tho. So pretty. But yes, I guess no beach-going is just not right ;-)

      Yeah, Mike & I both got the verbose gene, didn’t we? I love to make comments… but I think he’s still got me beat for his lengthy blog posts. I think he’s got me beat for entertainment value, too! You’re not too bad yourself ;-) I like to laugh & there are a lot of good bloggers for that.

  7. heatherlorin Says:

    You know it’s been bad when 95 feels coolish like it is today. I think we had 5 or 6 days over 100 during the last two weeks. The only way I could keep running was to get up at 5:30 and hit it before the sun peaked.

    One good thing – think about all the toxins you’ve been sweating out of your body, right? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. ; )

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’m sweating out toxins alright — bag after bag of those naughty, greasy chips I love, HA! Yes, you have it worse where you are, for sure. Good for you to get up so early! I’m more of a night owl, but that might have to change…

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