July 4th: Fridays, Fireworks & Fitness

F-f-f-fun, that’s what kind of July Fourth weekend I had. I deserved it too, since last week’s workload nearly killed me. For more about how every week-before-a-holiday-weekend always kills me, click here. For more silly fun, keep reading.

We went straight from my final delivery (6pm Friday) to the hill overlooking Norway Pond, with a picnic blanket, 2 spinach wraps, drinks & a big bag of my new favorite chips. Best public seating for the town fireworks. As we ate, we were almost the only ones there — but as dusk approached, it got packed. Some dozing on the blanket after supper would have been nice, but it was too noisy. Ken’s exact words: “This is like trying to sleep at a bus station.” We are not used to crowds, so it was laughable. We definitely need to get out more!

In bed by 10:30PM, I slept like the dead. Finally woke up at 10:30AM Saturday, when my husband came in with a cup of coffee & to make sure I wasn’t actually dead. Hey, I only got 10 hrs. of sleep all week, so I was catching up!

Being well-rested came in handy for my first respectable bike ride of the summer, wahhooo! We routed thru Nelson, NH to Harrisville, NH & back home. Approximately 25 mi. round trip, with lots of hill climbing (change in elevation spans 700 ft.) It was sunny, mid-70s. There was a 3 mi. downhill coast on the way home, which I rode straight up earlier, thank you very much. I say “coast” because at 23mph, I lose the ability to make pedal contact. My top speed was 34mph, whereby I started to pump-squeeze the brakes. There’s zero traffic (rural dirt road), but bright sun thru trees makes it nearly impossible to see the difference between a harmless shadow & a deep pothole in the road. God help the darting chipmunk or red squirrel. I was partly standing in the saddle as it was, to protect my “fancy bum” from the jarring ride (that for Heather, HA!). The last thing I need is a high-speed wipeout.

All in all, it was a great workout on a gorgeous day. I had a great weather & fitness week, in fact. June 29: ran 2 mi. before dark, 21:00. June 30: rode 9 mi. on bike. July 1: 3 mi. run, 30:56. Then July 3rd’s 24.5 mi. bike. I did a little bit of stretching most days, but I should really get back on the handweights & floor mat for strength training. It’s so hard in the summer! The last thing I want to do is exercise indoors. I’ve tried doing pushups, situps & weights out in the yard, but the chickens or cat come over for attention, everyone’s in my way, it’s a mess. Organized strength-training may turn out to be a winter-only thing for me.

And f-f-f-finally, the best thing that happened to me all week: a shorter-for-summer haircut, which in my opinion, gets a big thumbs-up on cuteness. Way better than a thumbs-down haircut disaster. I’ll post one of those for contrast someday, HA!

Thus ends the holiday. Back to work, bah.


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8 Responses to “July 4th: Fridays, Fireworks & Fitness”

  1. meghan Ling Says:

    Cute haircut! I don’t think I know what it was like before but you are darling and I’m sure the cut will keep you cool!
    Cape Cod chips are WONDERFUL, yet another thing that links us together in this wide, wide World which is really quite small.
    I just bought some bird seed to lure more finches into my yard and now I can’t keep them away. I’m trying to get them to come right up to our window so I can spy on them. Today I finally had one munching on my new brick of bird seed. I need to take some pictures for you!
    I’m glad you had a great 4th of July, keep running!

  2. peggy fussell Says:

    Love the new ‘do! Sounds like a great weekend. I am going to seek out those chips….gotta have ’em now.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks & yes, try the chips, so yummy! I wish they were a little less sweet, but I like the hot! That kind of heat I like. But 90-degree temp outdoors is sucking the life out of me :-(

  3. heatherlorin Says:

    LOVE the haircut. very cute. And again – very impressed with your workout schedule. Working around the weather down here. Is the heat wave hitting you this week?

    • henniemavis Says:

      Yes. Extreme heat rolled in on Monday. I am not used to it at all. I really want to run this afternoon, but my motivation is fading as the temps rise. I get miserable when it’s over 85. I much prefer 75 as my top end!

  4. mike Says:

    Nice numbers for the run/bike last week.
    I am very jealous of the weather you described for that 25 miler. Lucky!

    And hmmm. I’ve never taken a public bus, let alone sat/slept at a bus station. I’ll have to try it.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks. And for the record, our weather sucks by now. We were having days in mid-70s, then nights in the 50s. It was heaven. But this week is stinkin’ HOT (same as PA, I hear from my folks). I get downright surly when the temp spikes above 85. Had 3 days now above 95. No AC at work or house (we usually don’t need it), so I get really tired of being wet (sweat won’t let up) & headachey day & night. Sure wish I could swim!

      Re: a public bus ride, it’ll broaden your life experience, make you a better man. Take a walk (a bus) on the wild side ;-)

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