Girls on Wheels: 2 Kinds of Biking

I admit straight off, I’m a faker. I neither own nor ride, but this photo op was too good to resist. My brother came thru from GA last week, en route to Bike Week in Laconia. He stayed with us a few nights to break up the trip. His Harley Davidson, but hey, at least I have my own leather jacket, HA!

I did enjoy sitting behind a prior boyfriend on a motorcycle, long ago. I think I liked it because of my connection with the outdoors during the rides. It’s why I choose road-running over a treadmill. I just prefer being outside. Traveling in open air like that, it’s so much more sensory than riding in a car. You can see more, smell things more keenly, feel the weather, be more a part of your environment as you travel. I really did love it… but not enough to ever learn how to ride on my own. I know women who did learn. They are not fakers, they do own & ride. My hat’s off to favorite biker-chick pals Heather, Robin & Mary. Ride on, girls!

Alas, the only 2-wheeled bike I ever mastered was my bicycle — an old Specialized Rockhopper. It’s still hanging on. Took it out for a quick spin today. First time this summer, after a few weeks of diddling everything from tires to chain to brakes. Even bought a new odometer battery. I only went for 6 mi., mostly to test the odometer recalibration & deliver a birthday gift to Carrie’s house, HA! I learned the following:

  • My running & strength training has made me a better rider. The hills seemed not as bad as I’d remembered?
  • My gearing needs some serious attention. Had trouble upshifting to largest gear (“if you can’t find it, grind it”). Thank God downshifting to medium & small works fine!
  • Find my padded bike shorts before next ride. Only 6 mi., yet my hoo-hoo is feelin’ it, ow.

I was desperate to add biking as a cross-training option. I don’t want to get bored with my 10K plan, which I’m still tweaking to fit my preferences. I did have a good week of exercise thus far: SUN, ran 4 mi. – MON, ran 4 mi. – TUE, rest – WED, power-walked 5 mi. – THU, biked 6 mi. & tomorrow (FRI) I plan to run 4 mi. again. Then Sat. I might do weights & yoga for an hour. So I am getting the “every day” thing down pat, but my run-distances need to be integrated not static (add 10% distance each week). I’m supposed to be following an organized plan, but I get easily swayed by weather issues & my time-of-day choices for certain activities. I hope to nail down a more regimented training routine soon.


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15 Responses to “Girls on Wheels: 2 Kinds of Biking”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    LOL! FUN POST! What a cute picture of you on the top!!! :-D

    I love the out-of-doors–it’s my favorite. And I like bicycles, too. I ride my Mt. Bike down the flat city streets fairly regularly.

  2. mike Says:

    That’s a nice bike.

    RE: padded bike shorts, I’ve actually never owned any, eventually your body adapts. Well, I think it does.
    Then again, I might not have a hoo-hoo, that’s a bit ambiguous in my vocab.

    Nice training efforts so far, that is decent weekly mileage and you have your head in the game, I can tell by your desire to keep your training interesting.

    But seriously, my race is SUNDAY! You’ve certainly created alot of pressure for an update on Saturday, so please, relax, thanks for your concern and if I have ANY time S-U-N-D-A-Y, AFTER the race, I will give a quick shout.

    Don’tBeSoAntsy Mike

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! You most definitely do NOT have a hoo-hoo, unless you have a surprising secret to share?

      Race is Sunday. Got it. I’ll try to wait more patiently for news of your survival. Patience has never been one of my traits. “Dear Pot, you’re black! Love, Kettle” HA! Meanwhile, GOOD LUCK :-)

      • mike Says:

        No way I’m gonna have time to write my race review today.

        So, we’ll just say I survived, which is better than a guy yesterday who didn’t.

      • henniemavis Says:

        Get out. Somebody actually died? How? I’m only doing relay tris, never a full tri, you heard it here first. Cripes. Really glad you’re OK, thanks for letting me know. Hope you don’t hurt too much :-)

  3. meghan Ling Says:

    OMG!!!! You are my twin, or I’m yours!! This is the strangest experience I’ve had in a long time. Well, except for a few seconds ago when I clicked on the “sexual” thing you have posted on the “all about you” part of your blog. Yes, that’s where I clicked first. Not sure WHY and you TOTALLY got me. I actually glanced over my shoulder to see if you were laughing at me!
    Any hoo, I love birds, nests and gardening. I live in So Cal so we don’t have a ton of them here but I seek them out in nature or NOT, everywhere I go.
    The creativity thing is also my thing. Creativity every day. Wow, that really freaked me out.
    Running too. I’m sore almost every morning that I wake up and I am still out there going for it.
    Wow, we have to catch up on in our lives.
    Where do you live?

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’m sort of an odd duck at times, as you found out :-) I like to laugh, so if there are no funny people around, I do things to amuse myself… like post silly crap, just to see what happens.

      We do have an uncanny number of commonalities. I’m in NH, which is about as far from CA as I can be, short of drowning in the Atlantic Ocean. (found you on Mike’s site, btw, forgot to tell ya)

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Shannon Says:

    Am LOVING Heather’s name taped across her headlight. Nice touch! :)

  5. heatherlorin Says:

    Ok, you are starting to make me look lazy! Very impressed with the training schedule. And yeah, biking and hoo hoos – killer combo without some extra padding. ; )

  6. Sandy Coleman Says:

    Love the photo! You look like a natural on the bike. :-)

  7. Jingle Says:

    cool image!
    Happy Tuesday!

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