Maine Event: My Longest Run to Date

This is both a fitness post & a travel post. I’ll try to mix it up.

I was on Peaks Island, ME over the weekend, where I had my longest run to date. Though the scenery was awesome, the weather was kinda crappy (drizzly, humid & overcast).

We had a great time hanging out with friends Scott & Nance (above) at their cottage, eating, watching movies, walking on stony beaches (see prior post) & visiting artists’ studios. But typical me, I eventually get punchy. I’m like a big dog: I can lay around for so long, but after a while, I need to be exercised.

So… I went out to run on Saturday afternoon. There’s a perimeter road around the island, a 3.8 mi. loop. One can extend it by going down some short private roads as well, which I did of course, to make 4 mi. I have only ever run 3 mi., but because an island’s coastal road is mostly flat, I thought this quite doable for me despite the longer distance.

Left my music at home, to really enjoy the sights & sounds. Great run, despite my pokey timing (44:28). Saw & heard the ocean, lighthouses, boats, rocky shores. There were cormorants & gulls, even eiders with ducklings! The road was lined with beach roses in full bloom, their fragrance intoxicating. I started & ended at the 5th Maine Civil War & Peaks Island History Museum (shown below). Prettiest run I think I’ve ever had.

There was only one not-so-pretty part of this milestone. (Laura will be glad I’m not posting a photo of it, HA!) I got some kind of friction-burn, really high up on my thigh, about 2 inches below where my leg joins onto my body. That’s a new one. Not sure what caused it. I was wearing a running skirt I’ve worn a million times, so it can’t be that. I’ve run in drizzle & high humidity before, too. My thighs are no fatter than usual, happily. What gives?

Fortunately, it didn’t start til post-3.5 mi., so I finished out the full 4 mi. & quit. I was bummed, because I had hoped to keep going. I was correct about flat elevation making the distance easy, so after the 3 mi. mark, I was planning to go for 5 or 6 mi.! But a raw thigh ruined my plan. I just did the open sore thing last Friday on my heel, no thanks on a replay elsewhere.

Special note about Peaks Island, ME: the only way to get there is by ferry. Most people park their cars in Portland & come over the ferry on foot with backpacks or small pushcarts for belongings. It’s a tiny island, so unless you work as a landscaper or need to bring over big hauls of supplies, a car is not a necessity.

I saw walkers, runners, a few golf carts & lots of folks on bicycles. The bikes were mostly “vintage,” which was particularly fun. No need for fancy gearing, as there’s little elevation or distance to cover. I expect the old bikes I saw everywhere simply get passed around, handed down, bought or sold & rarely leave the island. 


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12 Responses to “Maine Event: My Longest Run to Date”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    Lovely spot for a run but, oh man, that’s a bummer about the friction burn. I’ve seen products for that but have never tried them. But then again I don’t go very far yet.

  2. mary stebbins Taitt Says:

    Gorgeous spot for a run!

    I used to run 5 miles around Beaver Lake on the roads almost every day for a while. That was long ago!

    Somewhere, I have pix of me racing, I should try to find them.

    I love maine.

    I used to get raw between my thighs and had to switch to running in bike-type running shorts–it would get terribly bad if I kept running with it once it started.

    • henniemavis Says:

      The skirt I was wearing has built-in “biking shorts” underneath… but they are short, so they can hide under the skirt (don’t cover enough of my thigh, obviously). I could try some longer shorts, but I so like running skirts. Attractive (feminine), yet good for hiding sweaty butt crack (not that feminine), HA!

      I like Mike’s idea of lubing friction points better. Applying body grease could be… um… fun? HA!

  3. mike Says:

    Yes, you definitely picked a beautiful setting for your Longest Run Ever. Can’t wait to see how you one-up that effort.

    As for the friction, welcome to the wonderful world of Vaseline.
    Just put it everywhere.

    Might sound kind of gross.

    But, I have to swim next to a guy that puts a handful in each armpit every morning. Yikes!

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA, totally gross about the greasy armpits! I’ve seen others mention “Body Glide” on their fitness sites, but no one ever said what it was for & I never bothered to find out. Suddenly, I think I can guess. “Body Glide” must be Vaseline with a sports-marketing makeover. I’m gonna go check now…

      “Put it everywhere” you say? If my husband catches me slathering my upper thighs with lube before I go out, well… um… I could have some explaining to do, HA!

  4. henniemavis Says:

    “Body Glide” update: yes, tho greasy, I think Vaseline is a cheaper yet effective alternative. I was also amused to read that the correct term for my sports injury is “chafing.”

    My longest run plus my first bout of chafing. I’m so proud :-)

  5. peggy fussell Says:

    I want that bike.

  6. HJJC Says:

    Prettiest run ever huh? Boo-hoo, I thought A-land was your fave. Dislike.

    • henniemavis Says:

      I did love your views, OR mountains are gorgeous! But running up those slopes was hard work, girlfriend. ME shorelines are good-looking & easy going. Call me shallow ;-)

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