Creative Every Day: Sculpting in Pie & Rocks

I want to vary my Creative Every Day Challenge posts, so I am writing about my sculptural creativity this week. We went to see friends in Maine over the weekend, so I made them a blueberry pie. I went all out, making the dough from scratch & trying to get fancy with a lattice crust. The raw pie looked great…

…but the baked result turned into a bubbly mess. Artistic process yields ugly result, I hate when that happens. But it tasted great, so who cares :-)

On Peaks Island, there’s a rocky beach along the perimeter road where passersby stop to make spontaneous rock sculptures. I like to visit that beach. The wind & weather destroys the rock piles, so they are constantly changing as people build new ones.

Small & simple, tall & elaborate, sometimes there are many, other times only a few. This year I had my camera, but in past years, I’ve sketched them. I love to be alone on this little piece of beach. It sorta feels like I might feel if I could be alone on another planet’s surface. The coast of Maine is a beautiful place.

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18 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Sculpting in Pie & Rocks”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    I’d love a piece of that pie! (But I’m not allowed to have any!) Boohoo!

    I love the Maine coast and the cairn “installations”!!!! How wonderful!

  2. mike Says:

    The Before and After of that pie both look great.

    And that last photo of the rocks is very cool. I actually think I see the Mars Rover in the background.

  3. henniemavis Says:

    Neither one of you should be ogling my pie. Mary, you & I are supposed to be dieting… and Mike, you & I are supposed to be in training! Why do you think I made the pie to take to Maine, sillies?

    Mike, I saw occasional evidence of “Rover” on the beach alright, if you get my drift. Watch your step, HA!

  4. Kat Says:

    Oh, I love places like that rocky beach. It’s so much fun when everyone pauses to do something like that. I love capturing it.

    And your pie looks WONDERFUL!!! I would take that right now…

  5. heatherlorin Says:

    Love the rock piles.

    And I need some of that pie. Please send to Richmond post haste.

  6. mary taitt Says:

    LOL! My stomach is rumbling for pie. WAHN!

    (I make good pie too).

    Well, dinner anyway, in couple hours!

  7. HJJC Says:

    It is because of this post that I made the decision to have pie for dinner tonight. Yup, off to the Co-op for 4 and 20 Blackbird pie. Now I HAVE to do boot camp in the AM!

  8. Pearl Says:

    I can ogle the pie. I haven’t had lunch yet. Pies are tricky chemistry. They’re like jam. Some fruit is more watery or acidic or flavourful so getting the sugar amount right is luck and practice.

    • henniemavis Says:

      You should win a pie, Pearl, for correctly spelling “ogle.” In seeing your comment, I realized that I reprimanded M & M for “oggling” not “ogling”… and rightly so, perhaps! >wink<

      Hey, I just realized I can go back & correct myself, cuz I boo-booed on my own blog comment, wheee! I love the self-edit feature. Wish I had that in my everyday life :-(

  9. peggy fussell Says:

    The raw pie looks perfect, but the baked pie looks GOOD. We haven’t been to Maine in a long time but when we would go camping there I’d roll out a pie crust on a picnic table with an empty wine bottle and we’d bake a blueberry pie on the grill. UGLY but super tasty. Oh, I think it might be time to go back…

    Great photos, HM!

    • henniemavis Says:

      I’ve rolled pie crust with an empty bottle before, but I’ve never baked on a grill. You get up here this instant & show me how!

      …oh, but if you wait til late July or early August, we can handpick the blueberries just before pie :-)

  10. mary taitt Says:

    Hi Peggy and Hennie–

    We used to have little camping pie cookers for making pies on a campfire–they were double pie shaped and small–about the size of a slice of bread or just a little bigger and they opened like a clam shell–you put the crus in on both sides, (or laid the second over the top as usual), put the berries and sugar in and cooked them over the fire–each was an individual serving–I wonder if they are still available.

    Also, I had, and maybe still have, a campfire oven. It was a folding aluminum box that you set up over the fire to bake things. I haven’t seen it in a number of years, and am not sure whether or not it made the move to Detroit from NY.

    I just looked online and here’s an oven. It’s fancier than the one I had/have. Mine was simple and fairly inexpensive:

    And here’s a piemaker for the campfire:

  11. peggy fussell Says:

    Wow! Who would have thought? Thanks for the info, I love the idea of pies over a camp fire! There I was, just using a flat rock and a piece of foil. If you close the lid of the grill it works quite well. : )

  12. Mary Taitt Says:

    Wel, that work a just as well, and is cheaper, probably!! You were being creative!

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