Creative Every Day: Paper Songbirds for Ruth

Memorial weekend, I posted a robin’s nest on our ladder. Well, they hatched. Mother & babies are doing well. And in addition to the wild turkey nest we found, we have since found an oriole’s hanging pouch nest. We’d never have seen the nest, if we hadn’t seen an adult oriole fly right to it. The photo below shows the nest’s location. I cropped the pic so that the nest is exactly dead center. Click on the photo, then look very closely to see the tiny, cream-colored ball near the end of a branch?

This was the best close-up I could get with my digital camera. It’s awful, but it’s the first oriole nest I’ve ever seen in person. The view from my binos is spectacular! I love birds, so having them raise their families practically in my face is great.

On the flip side, my friend Ruth is in the hospital right now. Not so great. While driving to their mountain cabin, her husband Sam had a heart attack. Their van overturned, Sam died & Ruth is alive but badly hurt. At first, she was heavily sedated, barely conscious, on a respirator. But just this week, she is beginning to come around. She is out of ICU, but still not allowed visitors (other than her daughters), so I am sending her some birds instead. I made them as cutouts, to be taped up as decorations for her room. She is allowed to have artwork, thank God :-)

There were 6 mailed so far: Northern cardinal, Eastern bluebird, winter wren, ruby-throated hummingbird, Baltimore oriole & American goldfinch. I know if Ruth is well enough to smile, she will love them all.

Postscript: I later glued some raffia “nesting material” to the beaks of the oriole & the wren, since those birds are nesting in our yard. I told Ruth about the nests in a card, sent with the birds.


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11 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Paper Songbirds for Ruth”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    How thoughtful of you to make those wonderful birds for your friend in the hospital.

    I’m so sorry about her and her husband. I hope she will be okay.

    Fun finding bird nests. I always had lots in B’ville. We have some here, too. But not turkeys and orioles.

    My favorite is the hummer, but I like them all.

    the wren is pretty nifty! :D

  2. peggy fussell Says:

    My heart goes out to your friend and her family. Sending paper birds is such a lovely thing to do.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Go Ruth Go! She will love those birdies, and they will surely cheer her dutiful girls as well. Not to mention the hospital staff!

  4. nancy t Says:

    I’ve never seen an oriole’s nest “in person” either. Thanks for the pics! Your bird drawings are really wonderful, and what a kind, thoughtful gift for your grieving and injured friend. You have a kind and generous heart. nancy

  5. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks for your supportive comments, everyone… and welcome, Nancy :-)

    I may make more colorful things for Ruth’s room as she progresses… perhaps a round of flowers, or insects, or frogs… maybe even a big loon or heron (flying, to tape to her ceiling)? We’ll see how the birds go over, first.

  6. mary taitt Says:

    sounds wonderful!

  7. aurora ann fox Says:

    oh–such lovely birds!! and such a great hospital stay gift—hospitals are usually so devoid of any art…those will really brighten her room and hopefully cheer her up! I love finding bird’s nests…
    thanks for commenting on my blog–since I am currently on-the-road I haven’ t been posting (much) but will post from Alaska once I am settled in…nice to “re-connect” and fun to see Mary here, also–we have been in touch via Facebook–are you on Facebook?

    • henniemavis Says:

      I wish I could go to Alaska with you! Did I mention I’m a super cook? Can you bring a chef’s helper? HA!

      And yes, I’m on FB, but don’t post much (probably like Mary?). You’ll see more of my misadventures here. I’m lame on Twitter also, but I’m there. And on Flickr, I recently hit close to the 200-pic limit. I don’t wanna pay for additional space. What to do, what… to… do???

  8. heatherlorin Says:

    So sorry about your friend. The birds are great – I hope they bring her some comfort.

    And re. flickr – go for the Pro account!

  9. Nicki Says:

    Heather is right! Go for the Pro account on Flickr.

    Love the robin’s nest and the oriole’s nest. Your birds are absolutely gorgeous.

    I will keep your friend Ruth in my prayers.

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