New Blog Name: Changing As I Grow

At the advice of a few friends, I am considering self-hosting in order to shake the Google ads I’m told sometimes appear at the bottom of my blog posts. They annoy me. They’re like ticks, crawling on me in hope of finding a meal. But it’s true that by using a free public hosting service… well, it seems I’ve become a free public host myself. It might be time to try losing my ticks :-)

Thoughts of a new domain name got me onto changing my blog name. I see that most people’s blog names try to capture the blog’s theme. Makes complete sense: one glance for immediate understanding of what the blog is about. That’s good marketing. But when a blog is as general as mine, it’s hard to think of a short, explanatory name.

This is as close as I can get. I want to keep my “Henniemavis,” as it’s what I’ve used to post comments elsewhere for over 2 years now, so it’s searchable to a degree. It’s also unique. The “Runs Rampant,” well… that hits on my fitness bent (running) and my multiple creative pursuits & interests (rampant). I confess, I was especially tickled by the definitions listed for “rampant”:

ram·pant [ rámpənt ]
1. occurring unchecked: happening in an unrestrained manner,
     usually so as to be regarded as a menace (“rampant inflation”)
2. [botany] growing wildly: growing strongly and to a very large size,
     or spreading uncontrollably
3. fierce: exhibiting ferocious behavior or fierceness of spirit
4. [heraldry] on hind legs: describes a heraldic beast depicted rearing
     up, in profile, with its forelegs raised, the right one above the left
5. [construction] with unequal supports: having a support or an
     abutment that is higher on one side than the other

Perfect! Henniemavis is definitely rampant.  And she runs, so there we go. Now I can try to find the time to work on a pertinent banner image. Weary sigh.


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7 Responses to “New Blog Name: Changing As I Grow”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Sounds like a cool and creative name–you could post this to CED!

    No Polar came from a similar thought-train. One uses Polar Coordinates to find one’s way. But if yr going nowhere in particular, you need “No Polar Coordinates”

    And being an ex-planetarium director, naturalist and poet, it suited me at the time.

    Congrats on your new name!

  2. SeeGirlRun Says:

    I’m behind on blogging but got your comment about the new name. I LOVE IT!!! It imagery it invokes (I sound like Mr Beach, my senior English teacher) is a blast!!! (OK, maybe not so much. He wouldn’t use ‘blast’ in that context. :-)

    The turkeys are great. My sister is fighting with a neighbors hoard who like her food better. I guess they aren’t so dumb after all.

    Have a great day!

  3. heatherlorin Says:

    Change is good. Good luck with the banner! Now off to change your name on my blogroll.

  4. henniemavis Says:

    Thanks you guys :-) I hope I can cook up some clever visuals… eventually… I need an 8-day week badly first.

    Heather, HA, sorry I made more work for you! You’re sweet to list me. I haven’t touched my blogroll in a while. I should go add you guys! I value my fellow 40-something runner pals for support :-) I was just learning Widgets last night, too. So much to learn…

  5. heatherlorin Says:

    So, now we know about running and rampant. What’s the backstory of “henniemavis”?

    • henniemavis Says:

      Oh Heather, now we’re even… you just made more work for me, HA! I will do a post on it. Been meaning to, as others have asked. Plus, I have a funny graphic about my name. Will try to post soon :-)

  6. Andrea Says:

    Love that word and your new blog name.

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