We Just Can’t Get Ahead

Memorial weekend was 3 days of warm, sunny weather. It was exactly what we needed for whittling down a long list of outdoor to-do’s. We tried. But sometimes, wild creatures get in our way. We have some general rules concerning wild creatures, one being that inside the house is mostly our domain (mice & ants must die, while birds, bats & snakes are escorted outdoors, etc).

But outside the house is mostly theirs. For example, if a robin builds her nest behind our shed on our ladder…

…the rule is: we can tear the nest down if it’s empty.

But it wasn’t, meaning she wins & we will be without a ladder until the story plays out. She may successfully hatch a brood & raise them to fledge. Or a raccoon could get up there for a snack. Or heavy wind & rain could force her to permanently abandon the nest during incubation. Time will tell.

We needed the ladder to mount a rain strip above our door along the drip edge. Propped against the house, it turns out the rain strip also had a squatter!

I have no idea what kind of frog this was, but it was really interesting. It was still there at dusk (shown below, with camera flash).

It made a LOUD chirping noise, its chin ballooning out like bubble gum. I couldn’t resist holding it. Or rather, it held to me — with some really cool sticky toe pads! It had a neon-yellow & black pattern under its thighs. Mesmerizing. When sitting compactly, this entire frog was a little smaller than a hen’s egg.

I put him back where I found him & went to bed. The next evening, he was in a flower basket under our porch light, only a few feet away. I found him by his call. I wonder if he was thinking “You again, Ms. Wrong? I gotta change my song!”

Postscript: I have since done some research. I’m fairly certain I saw a Gray Tree Frog, as shown & heard here. The audio at this site is dead-on what I heard & the pic shows the bubble-throat & a glimpse of yellow thigh. More proof. That’s gotta be him :-)


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3 Responses to “We Just Can’t Get Ahead”

  1. Aya Says:

    So I opened by frog book (yes, I do own such a thing…) and I’m 90% sure that this is the North American Bullfrog – hence the loud noise.

    I’m so down in the past couple of days over things going so badly in Israel now, your blog and all the cool nature happening really cheers me up.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Glad my site can cheer you, Aya :-) Nature things always cheer me, too.

      I just added a postscript to this entry: Gray Tree Frog. I know a bullfrog & this was not one. You’re sweet to take the time to look him up for me, tho. I am jealous of your handy frog book! I need to get one. We have ID books on birds, wildflowers, trees, butterflies, moths, rocks & constellations, but there are still so many other things in the world…

  2. mary taitt Says:

    It ISs a grey tree frog, as ou notes, I recognized it right away–we just found one at Cranbrook and K had never seen one before, or Sarah either, or Steve.

    Very cool, and the whole post is kind of funny!

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