Creative Every Day: Am I?

Being an artist, I do aspire to be creative every day. If not through visual art in some way, then perhaps through writing, music, gardening, cooking or making all manner of odd things on my “off art” days. In fact, just having a blog is creative, come to think of it. It’s reflective or celebratory writing, choosing photos or illustrations, sharing… so… I guess I qualify to join Leah’s Creative Every Day Challenge, HA!

I’ve been promising to try this CED challenge for a while now. Time to give it a whirl. This week, born of practical need & resistance to shopping, I made (fanfare please): a clothespin bag. That’s right, you heard me. Here it is!

Looks kinda froggish, eh? I’m all into frogs lately. The wire apparatus was reused once I removed the old bag (shown below). It came with our house, was stained, threadbare & half torn from the frame. I used the remnants for a pattern to cut & sew this new one of free fabric my Mom donated. I added the flower “eyes” to dress it up for fun.

Here’s the best part: I stitched it on a 1966 New Home sewing machine which used to belong to my 89-yr.-old mother-in-law. The sewing machine cabinet, also circa 1960’s, was my maternal grandmother’s.

This whole project took only an hour. In fact, it took me longer to photo-document this & post it. But I loved thinking of my ties to other women while making it — my Mom teaching me to sew, her mother sewing at this cabinet, my husband’s mother sewing on this machine, the former homeowner’s wife, who hung laundry here using the old clothespin bag when it was new. Today, I was hanging laundry with my “new” homemade clothespin bag.

The end… or is it? I think I will leave this clothespin bag with the house someday :-)


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7 Responses to “Creative Every Day: Am I?”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    How fun, how cute, how creative.

    I love hanging laundry, but BB won’t let me. He had a bad experience once where he walked into a clothes line at night. You’d think he could remember where it was . . .

    I feel a little nostalgic . . .

  2. HJJC Says:

    Very inspiring! And oh so earth friendly. You make me proud : )

  3. mary taitt Says:

    freesh air, sunshine, the wound of wind in the leaves and grass, birds singing–and yes! Oh so green!

  4. leah Says:

    Oh my goodness, the cuteness! I love your froggy clothespin bag. It made me smile.

    On a completely different note, when I was around 2 years old, I used to call people clothespins when I got mad at them. :-)

    So glad you joined in CED!! xo

    • henniemavis Says:

      Then clothespin dolls would be voodoo dolls? Yikes!

      Thanks, I will post a link on your site when I see the CED reminder. Thanks for you help while I get my bearings. I did see how to “Mr. Linky” to an individual post, btw, so I should get that right next time.

  5. mary taitt Says:

    I used to make clothespin dolls! :-D

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