My Inner Compass Spins Aimlessly

Leisure days for me are like time spinning in circles. I have so much I want to do. I never get it all done. But I have fun & feel both satisfied yet unsatisfied simultaneously. I get ideas, take notes, make lists, while hoping to achieve other fun things on other days. Here are some images & stray thoughts from an aimless day.

Eep, monkey truck! I like this monkey logo. Has tattoo potential, but the face needs changed, in my opinion. Too cute & that’s a surprise, coming from me. Maybe I just like the swirls? Hmm.

Used my car to record distances on my local roads. My new 10K training program requires different distances each time I run. Since I have no GPS-based device or pedometer that records distances (only a sport watch that does time & heart rate), I’ll have to piece together routes the low-tech way to get started.

Big morel mushroom (rock sculpture) among flowers & the raised bed kitchen garden. Froze 10 cups of rhubarb & I’m planning a fresh strawberry-rhubarb cobbler for dessert tonight, yum!

Signs of spring along our dirt road (top to bottom): pink ladyslipper, wintergreen in berry & starflower in bloom, unidentified jellied egg masses in ditches (woodfrogs perhaps?)

The famous Pig Tree, obviously. We neither found it nor named it, though it’s on our land. Some former neighbors shared this with us, as their daughter named it long ago. I always look for the Pig Tree on my walks now.

Well, after all that positive energy, I’ll share my only disappointing moment of the day:

Someone in marketing needs to be sacked immediately. Tell me General Mills doesn’t make enough other “junk” cereals? If consumers want chocolate cereal, let them buy Cocoa Puffs (also GM) for God’s sake. Why soil Cheerios’ good name? This is just wrong.


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3 Responses to “My Inner Compass Spins Aimlessly”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    Mmmmm….strawberry rhubarb cobbler sounds delicious!

  2. Pearl Says:

    jellied frog and soon pollywogs. looks like a lovely walkabout. should I live at ground level again, I want rhubarb again.

    luckily these experimental cereal forays only ever seem to stay on the shelves for a week or few.

  3. henniemavis Says:

    Hey you two, wish I could really offer you some homegrown goodies in person!

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