It’s Been a Long Hot Cat… I mean, Week

Thank God, my work week is finally over. It was intense. Just before holiday weekends, I always get swamped. I feel like I just got through Mother’s Day! Ever notice how many holiday weekends there are in a year? The week before each one about kills me… then I get to rest the week after. I tell you, having to work for a living really cramps my style, HA!

So, for the last 4 days I was painting so much merchandise to the point of carpal tunnel again, geez. Two of the 4 we had temps in the 90s — even hotter in my studio, as I was firing batches of glassware ’round the clock. Poor Foster the Office Cat was really uncomfortable. At least he got lots of sleep, which is more than I can say.

But after a string of really late nights, early mornings & the constant flow of outgoing shipments, I’m done… bring on the next 4 days of all-me all-the-time, yeesssssss! 4 days of gardening, piano-playing, sketching & creating things, running, cooking & being mostly outdoors. Can’t wait!

Oh, did I forget to mention a weekend of farting around online?
That too, quite obviously :-)


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3 Responses to “It’s Been a Long Hot Cat… I mean, Week”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    Congrats on being done and on everything you accomplished–hope you enjoy the weekend. I know you don’t get the same kind of long weekends some people get, but I hope you do something fun!

  2. leah Says:

    Aw, that looks like the gray version of Tabbers! And he’s loves that sleeping position when he’s hot too. :-) cuteness.

    Hope you have a magnificent weekend!

  3. henniemavis Says:

    Hope you both have great weekends as well :-) Happy birthday, Mary & kiss-kiss between Tabbers ears!

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