Holy Mackerel, They’re Tasty

I bought them because they were beautiful. And because I’d never had fresh mackerel. And they were very fresh yet affordable. I love trying new things. Easy to recognize freshness & cook well, thanks to Mark Bittman. Yes, they were yummy.

Had a nice run, just before dinner, too. Mon/Thurs/Sat this week, in order to get in my 3x minimum. Soon, I’ll have to buckle down about extending distance & cross-training-in-between days… but for now, it’s 3 mi. 3x a week, plain & simple.

I have to say, I lolly-gagged tonight. Barely broke a sweat. I left later than usual, so it was nice & cool, damp… crickets… low sun… I really enjoyed the outing, didn’t push myself at all. Thus, I timed at 34:44. Pokey-ass run of the month, but who cares. I pushed hard on Monday night, at the race… so I cut myself some slack & just cruised along on auto-pilot… basked in my movement, the air, the scenery, my music, the fading daylight, while having no concern for my stride, my breathing, my form, my speed. I’m not ashamed to say, it was heaven :-)


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9 Responses to “Holy Mackerel, They’re Tasty”

  1. SeeGirlRun Says:

    Sounds like a perfect run after an awesome race. Gotta keep if fun.

    Mackerel? Aren’t they very fishy fish? Eeewww!!!!!

    Have a terrific weekend!


  2. heatherlorin Says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening all around. :)

  3. mary taitt Says:

    I love trying new things too! Especially fish, MMMmmm!

  4. Shannon Says:

    And delicious heads and tails for the Wild Things!

  5. Shannon Says:

    Hey, where’s a picture of “Bottoms Up this Martini is Good?”

  6. peggy fussell Says:


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