Naptime Over: Black Bears Are Back

They’re back, alright! Here’s one, scratching his back… er, shakin’ it?

Hmm, a motion-triggered trail cam. With a little bait, I could find all kinds of trouble… um, fun… with that sort of thing. Oh wait, our neighbor Eric’s done that, proving I’m not the only weirdo-artist in this one-horse town, HA!

Getting back to bears, we see them around our place, no bear-cam required. Bears are awesome… when they aren’t destroying stuff, like my chicken coop window (below). Tore into heavy gauge rabbit wire like he was ripping thru a wet paper towel. Hello! Nice claws. He didn’t get into the coop, but it was a close shave. All hens safe, he was only after their grain hopper. Anyone else remember watching Yogi & Boo Boo after school? You know how they were always hungry? FYI, that’s for real, bears being food-crazed… not just a funny cartoon thing.

Bears do rub tree trunks. They also “mark” their territories by biting & clawing trees, or in our case, telephone/electric poles! I pass this pole when I run along our dirt road, less than 1/4 mi. from the house. A bear has chewed & scratched it badly enough that I’m surprised PSNH hasn’t replaced it yet.

Here’s a bit of bear hair at my fingertips, caught on the pole about where his neck would be when he’s chewing…

And here’s a black bear I photographed from our front doorstep in 2004. Forgive my bad focus, I was a little nervous at the time. We see bears several times each year, but not always this close… and not always when we have a camera or cell phone handy. Let me tell you, when I see one up close, I am not usually thinking, “gee, where’s my camera?” I am usually thinking “Nice bear… n-n-niiiiiiice… bear” and hoping he’s not that hungry… or hoping I’m not standing between Mama & her cubs. Supposedly, there haven’t been any ugly bear maulings in NH since the early 1800’s. Don’t wanna break that record, no sir!


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4 Responses to “Naptime Over: Black Bears Are Back”

  1. SeeGirlRun Says:

    OMG! That video is just too cute! Be cafe though. Wow! We had wild turkeys once. And a rabbit. We killed the rat.


  2. heatherlorin Says:

    Great video! Have you ever seen a bear on one of your runs?

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