Bad Spirits, Good Spirits

Despite some sadness here lately, this weekend yielded some wonderful things. For starters, my husband made this beautiful “bottle tree” for us. Isn’t it cool?

We used to make bottle trees by default. On lazy summer evenings, we’d carry beers down to the garden, to weed, harvest & chat before dinner — then hang the empties on the branch “hooks” of sapling fenceposts. But the wooden posts finally rotted, causing an upgrade to sturdier ones (rebar). Bye-bye “hooks” for empty garden beers.

Luckily, clever husband + tack welder = problem solved :-) This “tree” was so pretty, we hung antique bottles instead of empty beers. Bottle trees are historically designed to attract evil spirits at night. The spirits enter the bottles & become trapped, until the morning sun can burn them up. Supposedly, blue bottles are particularly powerful, but a mix of colors & shapes attracts different spirits. I am hoping to catch Apathy, Despair, Creative Block, Forgetfulness, Excessive Want, Joint Stiffness, Temptation & Fear, to name a few.

That said, good spirits are swarming. My last run was encouraging. I was on Week 7 of Couch-to-5K but I think I’m finished early. Last year, it took me all summer to learn “running from scratch.” This year, I am ready to race after 7 weeks, it seems? I appear to be back where I left off last October — with no injuries, knock on wood! I’m currently doing the full 5K distance on my training run, only diff being that I walk the first 5 min. as a warm-up. Walk included, I timed out last night at 33:12. That’s a good sign I can meet my under-10-min.-mile goal once again. Wow, even with a long winter break, I’m still a runner :-)

I am considering a race tonight. Summer Sizzlers, a local runners’ club, started up last Monday. 14 races, one every Monday night, on different routes each week. They keep your stats for all races you do, plus there’s food at the end. At $5 a race, you can’t beat it. I always run better in a real “race.” My first 5K ever was a “Sizzler” last summer. So… I just need the confidence to believe I won’t come in last if I go! Unfortunately, I ran last night. Really not supposed to run 2 days in a row (injury prevention tip). Hmm, what to do, what… to… do…

Postscript: I went. Low risk of embarassment, since I knew no one. I came in 28th of 33 runners, 29:04. In my defense, more than 2/3rds were “regulars” of college age or longtime runners, so I don’t feel too bad. I wasn’t last! And I ran a good race, minus a long walk up Norway Hill (half mile). We got some badass hills here in NH. Do we ever.


9 Responses to “Bad Spirits, Good Spirits”

  1. peggy fussell Says:

    I LOVE this bottle tree! I’ve been saving up for one myself. Tequilla bottles tend to be a lovely blue. I’d love to empty a few with you :)

    I confess, that running biz-niss is a mystery to me.

  2. heatherlorin Says:

    Love the bottle tree – so pretty. I could use one of those myself.

    The Summer Sizzlers sound like fun! What a great way to track your progress. So, did you go tonight? I just started C25K week 5 today. Week 9 and a full 5k run seem pretty far away right now. Trying to practice patience. : )

  3. Pearl Says:

    I haven’t heard of or seen this tradition. what an interesting story behind it.

  4. SeeGirlRun Says:

    Way to go! Thats a GREAT time! Especially with a badass hill! (I’m going shopping for water bottles tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks for the encouragement.)


    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks & yes, do get water. It doesn’t get hot up here like down where you are. Scary. I need to buy a small waist belt myself, for water, a snack & my iPod wannabe. Most of my shorts don’t have pockets :-(

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