New Personal Trainer: KT Tunstall

This song is my latest audio crack when I run. I can really open up my stride when it comes on. It’s the rolling rhythm, the words, her voice. This song makes me feel strong & happy.

I’m more & more amazed at the power of music, as I sample different things I’ve never heard before. Some music really affects me emotionally & physically. Some songs cause a definite high, no question. And I don’t think it’s “runner’s high,” it’s the music behind the running. Or maybe it’s the combination, the empowerment of both?

I’m still trying to figure it out. All I know is that when I finished my run today, suddenly I’d seen… I’m a beautiful girl, I could be a tower, I’ve got the power to give, the power to see, yeah, yeah…


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3 Responses to “New Personal Trainer: KT Tunstall”

  1. heatherlorin Says:

    Love this. It’s also a great personal theme song when you need a boost of confidence. All this talk of great music makes me realize I need to update my iPod.

  2. SeeGirlRun Says:

    Too Funny! I have this one on my playlist too but I overplayed it and took it off. Maybe I’ll have to add it back.


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