Making Art on the Fly

Just home from “girls vacation” with friends, had a fabulous time. I plan to post photos later this week, but meanwhile, I slept until 9am this morning. My goofy body thinks it woke up at 6am. I think I understand how jet lag works now, HA! I have a ton of catch-up work on my plate, but haven’t posted in a week… so I’ll allow myself just one post for fun.

My sketch group exchange partner, Aya draws in airports. I was thinking of her when painting in the air, shown above. Sorry about the crappy focus, it’s difficult to take a clear pic with a cheap cellphone on a plane. Shortly after I snapped this, a very young stranger in the seat next to me woke up from his nap & started to fuss to his mother. He insisted she bring out his art kit, which she did. How cute is that? We had the best time together. I confess that we both needed handi-wipes before landing, but only one of us had magic marker on his tongue. Guess who?


6 Responses to “Making Art on the Fly”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    How FUN! What a riot!!! :-D CUTE!! Glad you had fun on your trip.

  2. heatherlorin Says:

    That’s awesome. I always take my sketchbook when I travel but then find excuses not to use it. Something about drawing in public I think. I need to get over that!

    Girls vacations are the best. : )

    • henniemavis Says:

      I barely had time to sketch or paint except in transit, we were that busy. I love to see anyone, of any age or skill level, making art in any medium in public. We saw a lot of street musicians too. And yes, girls vacays really are the best!

  3. Laura Says:

    I’m like the kid next to you. I wouldn’t DARE try and paint on a plane. I’d be the one with the marker on my tongue. And face. And on my seat mate.

    Waiting for the pictures. Hurry up already!


    • henniemavis Says:

      This weekend, I promise :-) I should have time then, as my back is still sore so I’m not running again until Sunday, only stretching & walking. More time to sit in front of computer, HA! Heads up: I’m not much of a photographer, so don’t hope for much.

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