Me on Piano: Bluesy Riff & My Biggest Fan

I’m still having a blast learning piano. I’ve had 8 more lessons since my last recording & am finally getting into some stuff that’s more fun to play. I’m learning chord progressions now. I really liked practicing this bluesy piece, which I recorded below.
First run w/laughs, click here: Bluesy Riff, Outtake
Better performance, click here: Bluesy Riff, Not Bad

Besides learning to play music, it seems I am also learning about my cat’s secret past. Ever since we adopted Eddie from a shelter a year ago, his interest in us is limited. He prods us for meals & at bedtime, but otherwise, keeps to himself. Strangely, since we got a real piano, he’s my groupie when I practice. He can be in another room or in a dead sleep, yet as soon I start to play, he comes to the piano & jumps up on the bench. No joke, he sits next to me facing the keyboard & waits… for something… treats? to be petted? I’m not sure.

I think his previous owner must have been a piano player. I keep cat snacks at the piano now. Cats who support & appreciate my musical education deserve treats!


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2 Responses to “Me on Piano: Bluesy Riff & My Biggest Fan”

  1. Jim Says:

    Clearly, he’s a cool cat!

    You are progressing quickly – keep it up!

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