Peter Gabriel, Personal Trainer: 1st Video Embed

I’m compiling a “workout playlist” because I’m running regularly again, now that the weather is nice(er). I’m new to running as of 2008, but only started running to music this year. I’ve read that “workout music” can increase one’s motivation, speed, duration & overall performance.

I’m a little torn about this. I like running outdoors to be in nature. I like hearing natural sounds, being visually & aurally engaged in my environment. Music in my ears takes that away from me. Because I’m a naturalist at heart, I gnash my teeth at the concept of becoming better at something as organic as running by electronically “tuning in & tuning out.” Still, I tried it. Sure enough, a pounding rhythm does juice up & regulate my pace. An easy ticket to becoming a better runner, to getting the most fitness for my time on the road, might be facing the music. Bah!

Oh, well. As I close in on breaking a 9 min. mile, I see myself getting over it :-)

Anyhoo, this Peter Gabriel song made the playlist. Sledgehammer was all the rage on M-TV when I was in college. I saw & heard it hundreds of times back then, but am recently amused to discover that I never truly listened to the words. Not sure why, too young, distracted, unaware? Running now to music, I’m so focused. I really hear song lyrics when there’s nothing to do but listen & push my legs. So… it’s 2010 & I just got Sledgehammer. I know what it’s about. Yikes, no wonder I’m sweating out a power stride to this one :-)

This post marks my first video embed on WordPress. Thanks for the tip, Jen!


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