Art Blogging Hindered by Fear of Litigation

Today, I withdrew a blog post for fear of copyright infringement. I’m so deflated that I barely care I’ve got no graphic to post with this entry.

Inspired by another artist’s work, I tried his process & mimicked his style, to see what it would feel like. It was challenging, my outcome interesting. I crafted a careful post with photos of my process & result, giving full credit & link references to the artist I admire, plus a link to the interview thru which he inspired me. I did not copy an exact work of his, but I did emulate some “characteristics of his body of work” — a somewhat unusual substrate he uses & the likeness of a certain animal featured in the majority of his work. I spoofed his name, too, in a play-on-words. I am not trying to profit from or compete with him. In fact, I would love for him to benefit thru others coming to know & love his work! I was just connecting to him, walking a moment in his shoes, for the sake of artistic exploration & personal fun. But that’s my perspective…

I went back on his site-search, curious if he had already done a work on the same topic I selected (my idea was original to me, it seems). That was when I found text on his site that had me Googling “derivative works” copyright law & running scared. As a friend of mine would say, “Warm feelings, gone.”

If you’re a friend of mine & are curious about specifics, email me privately & I’ll send you the post for review. I have some homework to do on blogging etiquette.


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