Are You Supposed to Be Working?

I used to work in an office. I mean, I still do, but I’m self-employed. When I used to work for someone else, there were all kinds of issues that are no longer applicable: clocking in, cubicles, lunch hours, overtime pay, strategic planning, endless meetings & concern about dressing appropriately. I am reminded now of my with-the-company worklife by David Fullarton’s contributions to this art exhibit.

Generally, I’m not a fan of negativity. I usually try to minimize contact with it, as I find it mentally & emotionally self-destructive. But in this case (comedic art), I find negativity generating some big, feel-good positivity in me. Translation: I laughed!

I like Mr. Fullarton’s art for its simple execution of extreme cleverness. I’m inspired to try humor in my art. If you’re reading this post & its link, I hope you’re amused. And if you’re on the company clock while reading this, cripes, get back to work!


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2 Responses to “Are You Supposed to Be Working?”

  1. Jim Says:


  2. mary taitt Says:

    This is totally hilarious (I mean David Fullerton’s work). And since I work from home now too, and I must say I’m relived about that! PHEW! I was laughing right along with you.

    I love your tape dispenser.

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