Bobcat Visitor Brings Mixed Emotions

As posted earlier in the year, I recently registered our bobcat activity with a scientific study, in selfish hope of getting to hold a sedated bobcat as a research assistant. Nightly snows have made daily tracking easy. I got some great photos of our routine visitor today. These were shot through my studio window.

Here’s where mixed emotions come in. First, the happy: he is so incredibly beautiful. I’m happy to have seen him sitting, walking, grooming. He’s still outside my window now, curled up sunning on the end of a log :-)

Here’s the sad: I won’t get to hold him. He’s already been tagged & radio collared! I must say, seeing equipment on him made me feel bad. Turns out, I like my bobcats completely naked, HA! We could read his tag number with our binos, so we curiously phoned the research center. More sad news: he’s most likely a 10 yr. male, grizzled, old. He seems slow moving, stiff in the hip joints, surely quite hungry :-(

Ken has been shooting grey squirrels off our bird feeders lately. I hope the bobcat finds one of the carcasses for an easy snack, to boost his energy. This deep soft snow is really hard to move around in.

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9 Responses to “Bobcat Visitor Brings Mixed Emotions”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    HOL. Y. CRAP.

  2. mary taitt Says:

    You are so lucky to see him at all–most people live a lifetime without spotting one in the”wild.” I hope he will survive the remaining winter, I wish I could see him!!!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      @Mary: I do feel really lucky to see any & all wild creatures :-) But it is hard to see them struggling :-(

      My Mom just made me laugh. She emailed: “Aw, he has to wear a silly radio collar? C’mon, be a sport… give him a chicken!”

      Not happenin’, but trust me, the hens are plenty nervous. Too bad I already ate my roosters, he could have had them, HA!

  3. leah Says:

    wow!! he’s so handsome (and big!)! can’t believe you’re able to take pics from your window!!

    but yeah, so sad that he’s having a hard time. poor guy. hope he perks up soon.

  4. mary taitt Says:

    I’d be nervous too if I were a hen! LOL!



    But the poor cat!

  5. steve Says:

    Really fantastic shots Heidi. Hope he’s ok. Thanks for sharing ’em!!

  6. Nance Says:

    Really cool! Thanks for sending the link. I forwarded it to Scoober’s work.

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