Power Outage: Careful What I Wish For

OK, I wanted heavy snow… but I also got heavy wind. 50 mph wind. Which knocked down tree limbs. Which took out the power lines. It’s not looking good. PSNH says it might be 3 or 4 days until they get to us. Thank God we have a woodstove for heat, plus an old gravity-fed well in the basement. The porch room will serve as the fridge & our cooler in a snow bank works for a freezer. We’re all set. I have a friend who jokes that I’m his only “pioneer” friend. Power outages bring that out in me, geez.

I had previously planned to visit Cathi today & they have a generator, so we kept our lunch date. I’m using her Mac to issue this as my last post until our power is restored. If you leave a comment, please remember that I won’t be approving those until later also. I’ve mooched Cathi’s computer long enough. It’s time to mooch a hot shower now :-)


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5 Responses to “Power Outage: Careful What I Wish For”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hope you get your power back on soon. are you making lovely art by candle light?

  2. mary taitt Says:

    Well, I hope when you read this, you are warm and dry and safe and that you enjoyed your “pioneer” adventures.

  3. mary taitt Says:

    We’re having a storm, too, but luckily we still have power–no woodstove here.

  4. henniemavis Says:

    @Andrea: Not this time. When it was out for 12 days last winter, I did draw a lot in the evenings tho :-)

    @Mary: It was a short outage this time, thankfully. We got another 10 inches last nite, really pretty this morning! It’s the kind of snow that sticks to everything.

  5. mary taitt Says:


    Art by candlelight might be cool if you coudl get good shadows!

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