Turning Up the Heat on Snow Days

My corner of NH usually gets plenty of snow, but this year, all the great storms have been passing south of us. Mid Atlantic pals, please forgive my whine, but the woodshed is giving up its last cord. That means it’s almost spring! I feel cheated out of winter.

Until yesterday, finally! A good snow dump: 20 inches in less than a day. I celebrated shamelessly. I took the day off, lounged around in my PJs until noon drinking coffee, practicing piano, drawing & baking while popcorn snow came down in buckets. In the afternoon, I got an upper body workout shoveling wide paths to the chicken coop, the barn-office & the woodshed. Then I snowshoed the field for fun, to work legs & cardio. Snowshoes add resistance under any conditions, but this was wet, heavy snow that gobbed on like mashed potatoes. Power leg lifts, wow.

The best part of the day was an easy dinner. I reheated some shredded leftover chicken for sandwiches (still eating those roosters, HA!) on freshly baked rolls. My homebrew BBQ sauce reduced all day on the woodstove. It packs a spicy-hot bite. We grow several kinds of peppers every year. The long red chili below may look ominously familiar, but it’s those little golden numbers you really have to watch out for ;-)


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4 Responses to “Turning Up the Heat on Snow Days”

  1. Aya Says:

    We didn’t get as much snow, but we did get a lot! I had an art show to go to tonight and coming home all I did was cook and eat as well. No rolls though… but there was some fake cornbread.

  2. henniemavis Says:

    Mmm, hot cornbread makes good snowy day food :-)

  3. mary taitt Says:

    LOOKS SO WARM AND HOMEY! Wish I could tesser in for a visit. :-D

    Speaking of visits . . . you coming here sometime?

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