Home Study: WordPress & Beekeeping

Some help for my latest personal interests. I take issue with the titles, but the price & content seemed right. “For Dummies” doesn’t address a person with above-average learning ability & contagious optimism, like myself :-) Why cut me down before I even crack open the book? I’d rather see titles like “WordPress for Previously Untapped Geniuses” or “Beekeeping for New Enthusiasts.” HA!

I’m still wondering what WordPress blogging will become for me. Is it an online scrapbook? A motivational tool, pushing my progress toward personal goals? Is it cognitive therapy? Will I discover my true self, by noting a lean toward certain topic preferences over time? Will I be more socially fulfilled by making new friends while staying better connected with old ones, or will I feel disconnected as I sit here alone, one-sidedly posting into cyberspace? Will I become a more accomplished writer? A new-technology addict? A better human being? WordPress has become an experimental creative process in a new medium (new to me, anyway). And I think I may be doing it without a clear, desired outcome in mind. Does that makes it art? OK by me, art’s a welcome recurrent theme in my life.

For balance, here’s what I expect from beekeeping: Increased garden & orchard pollination. Bug fun with a basic entomology education. Yummy home-based honey. Occasional bee stings. Sign me up!


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5 Responses to “Home Study: WordPress & Beekeeping”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    AK! I wrote a whole long comment and it didn’t take and my Fellowship application is due tomorrow and now I haev to start over again. :-( WAHN!

    I don’t get the wordpress thing, but beekeeping sounds good.

    Is wordpress your blog? WHy do you need a whole dummies book for it? Do you have to pay rent?

    I just entered a contest with my kids novel and have moved into round two–YAY!!!

    • henniemavis Says:

      There’s no fee for having a basic site, if that’s what you mean by “do you pay rent?” All 3 WordPress platform choices are free, tho one may decide to voluntarily add perks which do incur fees. For example, for $20 I bought some extra Media Library space, so I can upload mp3 audio files. Brace yourself for more of me on piano soon… I’m learning a fun blues riff & when I can play it thru without a glitch, I’m posting it, HA!

      I chose to buy a book on WordPress because I learn basics broadly & quickly when I crash-read on a subject. Fiddling around is fine sometimes, but other times, I want to have a solid understanding of jargon or function quickly, to close the time gap between tinkering & getting what I want. I guess I like a mix of book-learning & hands-on.

      I’ll comment on some of your personal pursuits on your blog now… see you there :-)

  2. mary taitt Says:

    I like your beekeeping expectations!!!

  3. Holly Says:

    Okay, so the “Dummies” series was started by a guy I know through IDG. His name is John Kilkullen and he and his buddy liked to party. One night after an evening in the bar he and his buddy talked about writing a serious of do it yourself books. He referred to himself as a dummy, but he could do it. Hence the title was born! This I know because I was in Tenerife with him and I also know he likes to party!! Hope that takes away the issue you had with the title. Party guy to zillionaire guy, not bad after a night in a bar.

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