When Life Gives You Roosters, Make Coq au Vin

A little black humor in the headline. I tend to make bad jokes when I’m low. Today, I had to put down my two beautiful roosters. I have to do what’s best for the flock, so they had to go. It was a sad day for me. (Not a great day for the roosters either, ha.)

Each year, by law of averages, some of my chicks grow into roosters. I love hearing them crow, love their beautifully colored feathers, love how they protect the hens when free-ranging. But sadly, they’re often brutes. They’re unbelievably rough on the ladies: constantly mating, tearing their feathers out, biting their combs bloody & sometimes ripping the skin partially off the hens’ heads & necks. This is called “rooster damage” & it’s where I draw the line. I have my hens primarily for eggs & their sweet company in my yard, so roosters who seriously injure hens become our dinner.

Before I start getting hate-comments from PETA activists, I want to be appropriately confusing by truthfully saying that I love animals & my diet is closer to vegetarian than not. I’ve tried to be completely vegetarian several times, but fail to be pure… so instead, I simply eat very little meat. Meat I do eat is usually that which I’ve raised myself, “wild” meat given by our hunting or fishing friends, or meat that has met my approval standard for being humanely raised, chemical free &/or environmentally responsible.

Let the record show that while I can execute ill-behaved roosters, I am also capable of some very tender care. Here’s my injured Leghorn in the kitchen sink, after receiving my best medical attention. Isn’t she darling?

I spoonfed her some probiotic yogurt as a treat, which she loves, & she is resting comfortably in a private, heated recovery box in my art studio. Surely this makes up for my occasional rooster whacking?


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3 Responses to “When Life Gives You Roosters, Make Coq au Vin”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    ha ha, I went through all the same traumas when I had chickens–I really loved my chickens and hated killing any of them, but of course, some did get killed. Sorry old boys.

  2. Jim Says:

    Holy crap!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Bon voyage Poofy and Fluffy – glad your sister Puffy is still around. : (

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