Backdated Answer: Quiz of 4/11/10

This is the answer to a “guess the animal story” quiz, posted on April 11, 2010. I backdated this post to “hide” it, but link to it & to teach myself how to backpost on WordPress. Pretty sneaky, eh?

The answer story: sometime in the night, a porcupine was attacked near our firepit. The attacker (ID unknown) made a good go of it, judging from the quills & bits of porcupine fur strewn about the area. There was no blood or other carnage, however, thus I believe the porcupine crawled under one of the Adirondack chairs (where many quills were found, but no fur) for some protection. Surely covered in painful quills by now, the perp may have finally given up & fled the scene? That’s my story & I’m sticking to it. I can’t charge murder since I can’t produce a body, HA!


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One Response to “Backdated Answer: Quiz of 4/11/10”

  1. Aya Says:

    Ha! I was right!

    I think that when they get stress they shed some of the quills, which led to a strange myth in which porcupines shoots their quills at attackers.
    They are pretty common in Israel, but the quills are longer and has more white in them.

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