Snail Mail Delivers Big

I’m really beginning to enjoy finding informative new links online, watching silly YouTube, sampling music & learning how to blog. Keeping in touch by cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter… all well & good… but…

Today, I got Valentine cookies by snail mail. Trump! Especially when the cookies are homemade by a dear friend, involve peanutbutter, chocolate & are the size of muffins. I ate 3 already. I feel half sick, in the happiest way a person can feel half sick.

Thanks, Susan, I love you :-)


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4 Responses to “Snail Mail Delivers Big”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    WOW! Those look really good!

    Sorry I didn’t send you any valentine treats!!! :-(

    I still love you!!

  2. mary taitt Says:

    Cookies are wonderful treats. But I won’t be making any.


  3. Holly Says:

    What exactly do I have to do to become a “great person in your life”? I mean really, I moved all the way across the country so you could have a cool place to vacation. That is pretty darn great of me!

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