Beautiful New Hampshire Bobcats

We recently heard that bobcats are making a significant comeback in our region of New Hampshire. These photos were taken this week, just a few miles from our house. Through sighting reports, certain bobcats are being selected for bobcat research that’s ongoing. Lucky property owners get to witness and/or assist in the process. This is what some local neighbors documented (photos courtesy of P. Williams, D. Hersey & C. Reder).

First, the bobcat gets trapped & sedated by the research team.
Did you ever see such a gorgeous animal?

Then he gets a little science exam while he’s sleeping.

Upon waking, he gets released right back where they caught him.

I’m going to start reporting our bobcat sightings, tracks & scat ASAP. Maybe the bobcat who’s been hanging around my chicken coop will be chosen, trapped & studied like this one? I would love to hold a bobcat for a photo op!


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2 Responses to “Beautiful New Hampshire Bobcats”

  1. peggy fussell Says:

    Wow!! Meow! What a gorgeous being.

  2. leah Says:

    oh my goodness! so handsome! so big!

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